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Do you want to make your social accounts different from others? Then add one thing in your life, “an online movie maker.” Now you don’t need to post simple photos and videos like other users. Make your customized image for your Facebook or Instagram cover. Are you a Youtuber? Then this video maker online is what you badly need to know. You can try the online movie maker at for a better experience. Let’s learn more about this fantastic idea. For which reasons you should use it and how to make a video by the video maker online.  

Why should you try a video maker online?

You will find many facilities when you try an online movie maker. You can get many bits of help from this.

  • Resize your video:

Suppose you want to post one video to different social media. But every social platform doesn’t demand exact resolution. A video maker online has a preset feature. So, you don’t need several apps for every video. Resize the same video for your Instagram post, TikTok, or Facebook.

  • Try any format:

You can think that what kind of format is perfect for an online movie maker. Well, don’t be lost in thought. You can try any file for editing and creating videos. It is comfortable with every format.

  • Video make online:

You can work with it in your regular browser. Now for every pc work, you have to install software for the specific need. But for this, you don’t have to download anything. Online movie maker is also very secure.

  • Use on any device:

It doesn’t make any fact what kind of device you are using. Are you an average pc user or using Mac or iPhone? Do you only have one android? Don’t worry! Video-maker online is cloud-based, so it works on any tool perfectly.

  • User-friendly: 

All the tools and settings are so easy to use. You don’t have to watch any tutorial or have any experience of operating a video maker online. Just start your video editing and get your result! 

How to make a video? 

You can operate it with some easy methods. Follow the procedure step by step to make a video by yourself.

Step-1: Choose your file:

  • Pick the necessary file you want to edit from your device.
  • You also can insert a file from Google Drive or DropBox.
  • Upload it to the video maker online.

Step-2: Show your creativity:

  • Attach more files following the way of step 1.  
  • Remember, you can add files maximum of 500 MB for making one video.
  • It’s huge, right! Change their features as you like.
  • Add the sound or audio you want to and set the volume.
  • After finishing every change, click on the “create” option.

Step-3: Get the result:

  • Now it’s time to save your video.
  • You have to wait for a few moments depending on the video size.
  • Press the “Play” button and be sure is it all done as you expect.
  • After making all corrections, download your video to the device.


An online movie maker can save valuable time and will make your video creating and editing so easy. At first, people hired skilled video editor for creating their videos but didn’t get the videos how they want. But with an online movie maker, you can create any video content as you need. You can also save money on this. You can create a compilation video or can combine different videos and make one. This video maker is “All in one.” So, try it as soon as and let the people know your creativity. Make our social life more excellent and perfect.

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