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A Touch of Technology 

Technology is a magic wand. It lends a Midas Touch to whatever comes its way. Rapid and robust advancement in the field of technology has modernized the world in a revolutionary way and medical sector is not immune to such a wonderful bliss. Just a quick flashback into the not-so-remote past and you can vividly remember a long queue in front of hospitals and medical stores for check-up, pathological tests and medications purchase. 

The scenario is still same in the remote villages and also on the outskirts of small towns. However, the crowds for care and check-ups have been thinning across the metro cities and other prosperous urban landscapes. The booming market of smartphones has made it easier to experience an easy access to quick and cheap healthcare services with just a few touches on their cellphones. 

Pill Identifier and Drug Guide 

With innovations and improvisations becoming an unabated obsession for the app development companies, common people are now fortunate to have healthcare service, suggestion and supervision easily and quickly available on their smartphones. When there are so many modern medical apps, it’s not easy to choose the BEST FROM THE BUNCHES.  As you are spoilt for a choice, let us introduce Pill Identifier and Drug Guide that is class apart from run of the mills and even several star players in this category. 

How Is It Different?

Pill Identifier and Drug Guide has all the features to shine like a star. In fact, it’s going to be an App Star for Future. The powerful application benefits the health-conscious individuals in multiple ways as follows:

Pill Identifier Tool 

The application allows users to identify loose or anonymous pills in a blink of an eye. You just need to input the basic details of the drug, including name, color, shape and imprint and the info will pop up in a fraction of seconds.

Accurate Dosage Information

The app facilitates the users to search any drug by entering its brand or generic name. The search result includes all the necessary details including dosage administration and interaction, precautions, geriatric use and risk factors for the patients. 

The app shows FDA-approved genuine information. It features Meds Section to allow the users to save the details of the drug as a study reference for future. 

Conducting & Monitoring Regular Check-up

The app offers a quick check-up of your blood pressure and pulse rate. The feature is very helpful for the elderly people as well as those suffering from hypertension or hypotension. You don’t need to download any additional app to enjoy the facility. 

The app also allows you to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) with help of BMI Calculator option. Just enter the basic details such as, age, weight, height and gender and the result will show if you are normal, underweight or obese. 

Drug Interaction Checker

This is another useful tool for the health-conscious people of USA. This tool helps to find any possible interaction between two or more drugs.

Detailed Information about Diseases

The app helps the users get detailed information about all the diseases including the rare ones, their origins, pictures, symptoms and cure. The feature is extremely helpful for the medical students who need such information for future reference study. The search results, powered by, enrich the common people’s knowledge with genuine information about the diseases. 

Information about Nearby Doctors

The app, helps you locate the nearest docors, their addresses. The feature is very convenient, particularly in times of emergency. 

Wrapping Up

Pill Identifier and Drug Guide is an easy-to-use app. It is a storehouse of multiple useful features for common people and medical professionals as well. Google Play Store contains the app. The fact that users don’t need to pay for the app has also added to its popularity. Truly speaking, in this highly competitive world of Advanced Apps – both free and pay-and-use types – Pill Identifier and Drug Guide is a Future Star in Making.

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