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datesHow dates can be consume in Ramadan fasting in Muslim religion

Worldwide there are more than 1000 types of dates found but one of best dates are considered  those which are from Saudi Arabia . They are known for their best variety and quality with amazing benefits so far . They have numerous health benefits along with good taste. 

In Muslim religious some dates are known as holy dates and has been descripted in their holy books as well. In Muslim religion there are so many festival like eid ul fitr, ramzan etc and most of them are accompanied by the great feast 

Ramzan is celebrated after the sighting of the crescent moon. The ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar in this spiritually people does the fasting from early dawn till night and it is laterly accompanied by the great feast which consists of so many dishes, like biryani, grilled meat, drinks, desserts and must include Ingredients. Ajwa dates are one of the most amazing dates you can use in your dishes. 

As I already said in Muslim  religion dates are considered to be holy dates and most of people breaks their fast by eating the dates and before initiating their fast they also consume dates as it is rich in nutrients and sugar which keeps you alert and energetic whole day. 

It has been seen that most of the muslin families stock up the dates before ramzan so that they can make different dishes and can try new recipes having main Ingredients as date. 

There are so many ways by which you can add dates into your dishes which satisfies your palate and along with the great taste dates are rich in fibers and other metabolites which is also beneficial for you health. 

Such as. 

How dates can be consume in Ramadan fasting in Muslim religion?
  • You can make simple salty or sweet jam with dates and can have it like a dip or chutney along with your main course meal 
  • You can make smoothies and shakes and can also garnish nuts along with dates on it too so that you can enjoy both its raw and blended taste. 
  • You can also make cookies, bread and pie which have main Ingredients as date as it is a good source of natural sugar along with that rich in fibre so can also be consumed by diabetic patients. 
  • You can also make dates halwa by adding some milk into it and let cook it will gives you very rich taste along with it smooth texture 
  • You can make ladoo with different nuts and dates. 
  • You can also make sweet dates by making rabdi using dates and have it over the fried and sweet slice of bread like Shahi tukda and to make it richer you can also garnish nuts over it. Moreover, you can use ajwa seed powder in your salads and nuts. 

There are  numerous varieties of dates available and all of them have so different taste and texture so you can use different types of dates as per their unique flavour and your convenience. 

So these are some recipes having main Ingredients as date but dates can also be used as a side Ingredients as it has its own unique and great flavours along with health benefits but always remember should be consumed in optimum quantity. 



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