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integrated sphere

The integrating sphere is a simple, yet often misunderstood, device for measuring optical radiation that is used in many applications. The purpose of an integrating spheres is to integrate radioactive flow spatially. It is essential to understand how the integration sphere works before optimizing a sphere design for a specific application.

How light crosses the sphere starts with a consideration of diffuse reflective surfaces. From this is determined the brightness of the inner surface of the integrative sphere and the sphere multiplier and average reflectance are addressed. Finally, the time constant of an integrative sphere as given is important for rapid or short-term radiant energy applications



There you will properly learn how to keep clean and increase the life of the integrating sphere. Because as long you keep this device clean, the longer it will function.


Beware of internal dust

When inspecting and cleaning the external of the integrating sphere, take care not to get dust into the internal of the integrating sphere. It is absolutely forbidden to use a cloth to clean the interior of an integrating sphere.


Keep device closed

Please keep the integrating sphere closed when not in use to minimize dust accumulation and to prevent harsh objects from scratching it.


Use gloves

When working in the integrating sphere, please use white gloves to protect your hands. Every week, check the integrating sphere spectroradiometers system and enter the results of the inspection in the inspection result record.


Do check before maintenance

Preventive maintenance should include checking if the system has issues before using it, noting the faults in the equipment maintenance log, and then requesting assistance from people. It is necessary to recalibrate after doing maintenance, moving, changing software, replacing software, and replacing optical fibre.


Beware of opening cabinet

Please make a note of the parameters before doing any calibration or maintenance. Non-professionals are strictly forbidden from opening cabinets; nevertheless, interior cabinets are opened once a month by a professional to clear out dust and debris. To avoid electric shock and injury, do not open the cabinet on your own initiative.


When selecting components

LPCE-2 High Precision Spectroradiometer Integrating Sphere System

Consider the following two aspects of reflectance and durability when picking out a reflective finish for a spherical integrating sphere: reflectance and durability. It is necessary to cover all components of the sphere, including the baffles, with highly reflective and diffuse material in order to guarantee that all wavelengths of light entering the sphere are reflected. You will feel happy to know that LISUN has the best integrating spheres. Because this company has emerged as a maker of top quality devices like integrating sphere, goniophotometer and surge generator.

The use of a more durable, washable covering should be considered in situations where there will be an excess of light and the sphere will be used in environments where the sphere may accumulate dirt or dust. Dirt and dust must be avoided since they will absorb light and will most likely have an impact on the reflectance of particular wavelengths as a result of their presence.

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