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A lot of individuals today are engaged in playing sports like tennis, especially the men because this is not just for recreational purposes, but also a way to maintain the physical figure. With this sport, you are required to move sideward, backward or forwards because you have to hit the ball back to the other person. Aside from that, you should also jump and run just to go towards the direction of the ball. This only shows that you have to move a lot when playing in the court since you are chasing it with your racket.

With this kind of sport where so many movements are involved, you should not just put on any shoes that you can find in the market because this may affect your performance and gaming experience as well. Visit Shoe Hero to figure out all of your shoe needs If possible, you have to learn how to choose the best tennis shoes for men, so that you can maintain the good flow of the game. Remember that you run, jump, and make big steps in all directions, so the shoes must be able to handle your weight as well as the movements on the ground.

You also have to choose the best tennis shoes for men because this is also a very important gear that will protect your feet and keep you safe as well. Imagine playing tennis without wearing the best tennis shoe. Do you think that you will be comfortable while moving here and there? That is why you should be serious when it comes to the shoes that you will be using during the entire game. Therefore, this is not just about wearing the most expensive and popular or about putting on something that you just feel like wearing.

Playing Court

The tennis shoes that you are going to wear must be able to handle the ground. Keep in mind that you will be playing on different surfaces. So make sure that the outsole is specifically designed for every type of floor.

One of the commonly used surfaces when playing tennis is the hard-court and it is usually made of concrete material. With this surface, you must make sure that the soles come with a herringbone pattern. This will help you in balancing because of its grip. Its midsole is also designed with great cushioning for shock absorption since the surface is harder. You also need to protect and support your toes.

You should also wear different tennis shoes when playing on a clay court. Here, the shoes must be designed with a full herringbone and a zigzag pattern for ground-gripping. Through this pattern, it would be easier for the player to make a slide, glide, and recover from a shot. This type of shoe is built with a tight-knit on the upper part for better stability.

Lastly, we have a grass court. With this, you should choose an outsole with nubs as well as pimples for better gripping. Playing on this surface will allow the shoes to provide traction without damaging the ground.

Type of Foot

It is also important to wear tennis shoes that will best suit your type of foot. There is no problem if your feett is ideal because you can easily choose whatever fits you but if you have flat type of feet, you are in need to have a look at tennis shoes for flat feet.

But with a pronated foot where your foot is usually turning inwards must choose a pair with great lateral support so that you can protect your knees as well as your ankles. For individuals with a supinated foot, the sole of your shoes must be very durable, flexible, must have space in your heels and with shock absorption.


For your ease and comfort, consider the mesh panels. This will help in enhancing the ventilation, cooling, and drying of the foot. It must be designed with more cushioning that meets the PU standards for stability and durability, and the EVA standards for flexibility and lightweight feature.


This is a critical consideration because the shoe has to fit right. Again, consider your type of foot. You should get a shoe that suits your foot measurement. Make sure to wear socks that you usually use when playing tennis for better fitting. It would be best to try the shoes on before purchasing them.


This will wrap over the foot. So you should choose the material. For ventilation, you may choose the canvas. While leather is good for supporting lateral movements. And the vinyl is for moisture-resistance and support.


You can find the lace in this part of the shoe. With a perforated vamp, it will help in enhancing breathability. When the vamp is flexible, it helps in allowing faster movements.

Heel Counter

This is an insert made of a composite or plastic material. It must be inserted on the heel cup of the shoes to help in reinforcing and enhancing support.

Toe cap and guard

It has to be made of a carbon rubber material. In this way, your toe will be protected.



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