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New Tech In The Online Casino Industry New Tech In The Online Casino Industry

New technology advancements are made in every field every other day. How could the gaming industry, particularly the online casino industry, fall behind? Casinos like Vera & John are working hard to provide the best experience to their players, be it in land-based casinos or online casinos. 

The real magic of technological advancements has started to unfold over online casinos. If you are very keen on playing online casinos and would enhance your gaming experience, here are some of the new tech in the online casino industry that will interest you. 

Virtual Reality

Are you stuck at home playing online casino? Do you miss out on the feel of the land-based casino? The ambiance, vibe, and background music? 

Virtual reality or VR aims to provide you with the same casino feel at the comfort of your home. VR is also favorable for those who detest going to casinos but love the realistic feel of playing table games, slot games, and the presence of dealers. 

To experience virtual reality, you have to wear a VR device around your eyes, and you will instantly be transported to a new world surrounded by a real-life casino atmosphere. 

Augmented Reality

Unlike in virtual reality, where you may seem out of the world once you remove your VR device, augmented reality creates a natural experience around you. 

Augmented reality works more on keeping the real-world focus. This is done by just adding special elements at your doorstep to bridge the gap between your desires and your present situation. 

For instance, the combination of real and virtual reality will bring a dealer to your doorstep to provide you with a similar casino experienced you are looking for. 


Wearables here are being referred to as smartwatches and fitness bands. Casinos are working towards making a wristwatch application that allows players to access their games through wristwatches itself. 

This way, the players won’t have to make use of smartphones. Moreover, wearables are more easily accessed. They can enjoy their games at a go and even switch from one game to another easily. 

Blockchain Technology

The use of blockchain technology has enhanced the trust of players in online casino games. As playing casinos involves real money and making transactions frequently, most users step back from the fear of getting duped. 

With blockchain technology, online casinos like Vera and John gaming can develop better trust among players. In this, the user receives a program that can be used to check the payouts of top gambling games. After scanning a QR code or entering a code, users will see a report on each performed action. Such technology also helps in analyzing the reliability and security of the online casino site. 

 Quantum Cryptography

Quantum cryptography is also aimed at providing a secure playing experience to the users. Through this, casinos will be able to encrypt their entire casino game data and would also be able to facilitate safe transactions from users. 


The use of e-wallets and digital payment methods is also a part of new technology. It has been adopted with open arms by mostly all online casinos now.

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