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How to Create Pencil Sketches from My Photos?

People convert their photos to pencil sketch or any other photo effects because it makes the pictures very realistic and eye catching to everyone viewing them. The results can be so satisfying and magnificent that it makes the viewer believe that they are looking at an actual pencil sketch rather than the clicked photo.

Furthermore, editing your photos can be a time-consuming process but you can consider it as a fun activity as well. It is time consuming because the user takes time to search and select a specific style but the final results make your pictures a true piece of art.

Do you want to know what tools you can use to turn a photo into a pencil sketch? Keep on reading the article to find out.

Why We Want to Create Pencil Sketches from Our Photos?

We create pencil sketches of our photos because we want to gain influence and engagement from social media platforms. Our photos turn into almost real pencil sketches that actually feel like have been drawn from the hand of a professional artist.

Apart from that, make a pencil sketch from photo. Pencil sketch is an effect that can get more than a thousand likes on your instagram post as it is trendy.

Overview of Image to Sketch AI

Very simple software that you can use online because it has more than 100 features, effects, and styles and does all of the difficult work for you in just a few seconds. The tool consists of many options and it protects your privacy by erasing your pictures after you have modified and saved them.

The benefits of using Image to Sketch AI

Well, you can gain instagram followers, thousands of likes on your posts and pictures, and you can get engagement more than usual. Image to Sketch AI does not use your photos for any other purposes rather; once you get your finalized photo the tool will erase the data so that the picture has been removed from its database.

Moreover, the tool is free and very simple to use that even beginners can mess around and get what they want with this tool.

How to use Image to Sketch AI to create pencil sketches from photos?

First visit the Image to Sketch AI website, once you open it you will see a dialog box and a space for image that says “import here”. You can drag your photo in that box and then the system will automatically generate appropriate and amazing effects. Moreover, you can make a pencil sketch from photo anywhere.

Use PhotoFunny to create pencil sketches from photos

Photo Funny is an online tool that can create pencil sketch from Photo in a few simple steps without doing anything that is lengthy and time consuming. An online pencil sketch effect for your images, it has a total of seven different pencil effects that you can use. Simply upload your photo and let the tool handle the rest for you!

Use SketchCamera to create pencil sketches from photos

Sketch Camera is one of the most remarkable and impressive photography applications and it is absolutely free for everyone! It is used to apply cool and artistic effects and styles to your newly taken photos or existing images saved in your photo gallery of your smart phone.

Moreover, convert your photos to pencil sketches, cartoon, pencil drawings, sketches, oil paintings, and a lot of other different and cool alluring effects. You have the options to apply sketch effects and real time effects while taking a picture from the camera of this amazing application.

Furthermore, you can save images as well as quickly take a photo by one simple touch of a button. Other than that, the application supports auto focus, which is a wonderful feature and the option to share the modified and edited pictures with your friends on any social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, as well as Pinterest, etc.


All in all, we can say that the technology has become advanced ever since we entered the 20th century. There has been a rise in the number of helpful tools made for people like us. With effects like these, you will have your image resemble the work of an official street artist all the while doing it online.

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