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Dispose of Sex DollsDispose of Sex Dolls

Perhaps it is time to part ways with your love doll. Yes, we understand it is an emotional situation for you. But, what can you do? She has served her purpose and now, it is time for her to go.  While you are emotional in your mind, there will be another question creeping into your mind. How you can dispose of your sex doll? We know many of you still have no clue what to do with your sex dolls once you have used her for good. But, don’t worry, at mailovedoll, we have got you covered. In this article, you will know all those ways in which you can dispose of your precious sex doll. So, let’s begin.

Reasons to Dispose of Your Love Doll

Before you know how to dispose of your sex doll, let’s check out the reasons why you should do it. It will help you to act before things get from bad to worse. Here are the reasons;

  • Not required for sex anymore
  • Want to buy a new love doll
  • Relationships are becoming worse
  • Vagina and ass broke while having sex
  • Materials are becoming very bad

5 Ways to Dispose of Your Sex Doll

1.     Sell

Do you know some people are willing to buy used sex dolls? Yes, you heard it right. You just have to put up an ad and you will find many people contacting you. But, don’t give your personal information to the buyers because you never know what their intentions might be.

2.     Trash

You can pick her up, put her in a garbage bag, and dump her in the trash. There are dedicated places in your area where you can dump her. Just pick the spot, go there when no one goes and you will be able to dispose of her easily.

3.     Recycle

A better idea than dumping your sex doll would be to recycle it. You can contact a sex doll seller who recycles the doll as well and your headache will be gone forever and easily. So, it is will be a much better way to dispose of your love doll.

4.     Bury

Now, burying your sex doll might seem a bit exaggeration but you can still do it. If you bury the doll traditionally, you might get noticed. So, instead, plant a tree on her burial place to avoid anyone’s eyes. It will be good for nature as well.

5.     Donate

You can also donate your sex dolls. Any theatre group or artist who might want to make use of your doll will be happy to accept it as a donation. In fact, they will be saving large bucks for the doll and you will have no headache to disposing of the doll.

The Bottom Line

Finally, these are ways in which you can easily dispose of your love doll. Having a sex doll from Mailovedoll will bring some responsibility along with the pleasure. And, one such responsibility is to dispose of her. So, as you know now how to do it, don’t be afraid to dispose of your old sex doll and get a new one by visiting https://mailovedoll.com/. You will surely love the collection we have here.

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