How to Eliminate Unwanted Tattoos

 Various reasons may make a person opt to wear a tattoo, whether it is a symbol or an expression of art, among other reasons. Over time, one may grow tired of it or want to start over again with a fresh one. It is now possible to get tattoo removal thanks to the advancement in laser technology. Conroe tattoo removal is the state-of-the-art system that uses the PicoSure tattoo removal procedure. This procedure is relatively quick and effective in eliminating unwanted tattoos in just a few sessions. It is safe and painless, leaving the treated area clean and tattoo-free.

What should you know about PicoSure tattoo removal?

A tattoo involves making a permanent design on the skin’s layers using a machine and needles which repeatedly prick your skin; with every drop inserting ink droplets. PicoSure tattoo removal involves using an intense beam of lights to eliminate the hues and colors of tattoos. The treatment delivers picosecond energy pulses into your skin, creating pressure targeting the ink pigment. This treatment will break down the ink into tiny particles that are easy to eliminate from the body.

How does the PicoSure tattoo removal work?

PicoSure laser tattoo removal uses the latest innovation and is very safe and effective. Your specialist will use an ultra-short pulse duration that does more than heat the pigment; it creates an impact known as PressureWave. This impact will target the ink pigment and cause a disruption, leading to the better clearing of the ink while avoiding injuries to your unmarked skin. The molecules creating your tattoo appearance will turn to vapor in the shortest time, so you may barely feel anything. PicoSure tattoo removal is painless, and you may need a few treatment sessions. Your treatment time will depend on the color, depth, location, and size of the tattoo you want to remove. Your doctor will ensure that the process is comfortable for you; if you may not be able to handle pain, the doctor can offer you topical anesthetic creams to numb the area before the removal.

What are the possible side effects of PicoSure tattoo removal?

After treatment is complete, you may develop the following side effects:

·                     Scarring of the treatment area

·                     Changes in skin texture

·                     Spots; either dark or light spots

·                     Burning sensation

It may not be common to have any side effects, and even if you develop any, they will disappear after a short time.

Are there any precautions after the PicoSure tattoo removal treatment?

Your doctor may offer a few suggestions once your treatment is complete. Your doctor may advise you to minimize sun exposure. The tattoo removal laser technology often targets the melanin during treatment to eliminate the excess pigment. Consequently, the treatment area will be fragile and vulnerable to damage by sun rays. Your doctor may also recommend wearing sunscreen to protect your skin from damage by the sun.


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