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If you think you either need to be a cat or a dog person to keep bets, then you are wrong. You can be none and still own pets to be your companion. Keeping a dog or a cat as a pet in small spaces and apartments can be a hassle. Here are five animals that you can keep as a pet in your cramped up living space.

  1. Betta fish

There are so many fish varieties you can keep as pets, but betta fish would be one of the easiest to look after. Also called Siamese fighting fish, they can grow up to a size of 2 to 3 inches. Betta fish are beautiful. They have a colorful body and can be seen to be very active in their environment.

Betta fish would generally require a 5-gallon tank, which is enough for it to swim around without feeling cramped up.  A healthy betta can live to three to four years. Like any other tropical fish, they prefer the temperature to be warm. You would need a heater to keep the level to 72-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Check and see that the ph level of the water is neither too acidic nor base. Having a filtration system will keep the tank regulated and clean.

You would need to feed your betta about two times in a day, be careful not to overfeed it, says Gabriel R, editor of the Aquarium Fish City(AFC). They are carnivores and require a protein rich diet.

Apart from it being easy to maintain, it is a beautiful fish. Betta can be a great addition to your apartment.

  1. Leopard Geckos

If you are allergic to furs or don’t want to deal with them, lizards can be the perfect companion for you. Leopard Geckos is an excellent pick for beginners who want to bring a reptilian friend into their homes.

Leopard geckos can reach up to a length of ten inches. They have a life span of around ten years. For it to thrive, it would need a 10-gallon tank, with objects to climb and hide. You might need to get creative and build something exciting for your new-found friend.

The essential things you would need in the tank are a bowl for water and a heat source to keep a section of the tank at around 75 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Leopard geckos feed on insects and worms. Until they mature up to a year, you will need to provide them every day. After they become adults, you can feed them every alternate day.

  1. Birds

Birds are another excellent option if you have minimal space. They are easy to care for and require only a small cage to keep them. You can start by maintaining parakeets, cocktails, or canaries. The good thing about these birds is that they are not loud, and hearing them chirp can be soothing. They are small and easy to care for. Their life spans range from 10 to 15 years, with cocktails living to up to 20 years.

The cage should be large enough for it to fly around. You can feed your tiny feathery friends with seeds, fruits, vegetables, and freshwater. Make sure that you clean the cage.

You would be amazed by how friendly these birds can become once they get used to you. Parakeets and cocktails will chirp back when you talk to them, and would even play with you.

  1. Hedgehogs

Here is one of the cutest and unique pets you could ever keep. They do not require a large enclosure. A cage of about two by 3 feet would provide your hedgehog ample enough space to thrive.

They are nocturnal and would sleep during the day. You would hardly know that they are at home. They are gentle and shy creatures. You would need to give some time for your hedgehog to warm up to you. You’ll have to keep in mind before getting them home to know if it is legal in your area. Some of the state laws in the U.S. don’t allow them to be kept as pets.

  1. Bearded Dragon

Another reptile you can keep as pets is the bearded dragons. They come with a mix of green, red, and yellow colors. Bearded dragons have a scaly body with long scaly tell. They can puff out their neck, which looks like a beard thanks to its spikes. By doing this, they can ward off any dangers that might harm them.

Like geckos, they require a source of heat and light. They eat anything from insects and worms. Bearded dragons are also known to eat fruits and other vegetables. They are easy to care for.

They are not aggressive and rarely get annoyed and bite. They can grow up to a size of 22 inches. The best thing about them is that you can take them out for walks by tying a leash on them.

Before you keep a pet, think if you can offer you time or not. They require your attention. If you show your love and affection, they are sure to return it.

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