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Giving someone you care about a lovely piece of jewelry is always a special moment and one which can be made even more so if the piece has been engraved.

Popular things people choose to have engraved on jewelry such as rings, bracelets, and pendants, are usually names, dates, names and dates, or special messages, Sometimes, these are unique, while others may feature some words from a favorite part of a song, or a few lines from a poem. Sometimes engraved jewelry is romantic in nature, but it can also be something you give to a friend, complete with a much needed inspirational quote.

Engraved jewelry gifts are especially popular at weddings between the bride and groom, or as a gift to commemorate anniversaries, while smaller items such as silver spoons, or solid bracelets engraved with their name and date of birth are always a good keepsake present for a new baby at their baptism or naming ceremony.

Finding a great engraving service in your local area is always going to be a priority, to make sure the end result will be both accurate and look amazing. Neighborhood engraving services are best as you can speak to the staff personally about their visions and ideas, and they are always going to be more accessible than someone you never have real, face to face access to.

Tips on how to find great jewelry engraving services near you  

Tip #1 – Ask friends, family and other local contacts

They may just have used a similar service and be able to provide some instant recommendations.

Tip #2 – Use a dedicated online search facility 

There are several websites around which exist to match customers with appropriate engaging companies in their local area. One of the most useful around is Thumbtack. All you need to do is enter some basic information about where you are, and what you are looking for, on their website to get pretty much instant access to a list of suitable leads.

When using Thumbtack to find a great jewelry engraving service near you the procedures involves you adding:

  •       Your zip code.
  •       If you are looking to travel to the engraving professional, have them come to you, or organize everything remotely either online or over the phone.
  •       The number of pieces of jewelry to be engraved.
  •       The type of material involved. (There are lots, but most jewelry is made using metal.)

After submitting the key data the almost instant results provide a nicely detailed snapshot of potential useful engraving service providers. The details provided include:

  •   The engraving company’s name.
  •   The number of overall stars *(from 5) and reviews the company has.
  •   A profile section which notes how many times  browsers hired the company (through the site), if the company has been background checked, the number of employees, how many years the company has been in operation, links to social media profiles, the range of payment options offered, and a selection of photos and videos.
  •   Contact details – including a direct message option, the chance to book directly via a diary system, or the opportunity to request a quote.
  •   The reviews finish off the section. These are based on scores awarded for punctuality, work quality, and value.

Tip#3 – Make time for a serious Internet search

Sometimes it’s better to allow a decent chunk of time to do a proper search, playing around with keywords and terms to see how the results differ. Of course, if you have already heard of a good company and want to check for local branches you have it made; only needing to type, for example, ‘is there a jewelry engraving near me?’You can also use the internet to search for alternative information sources on the jewelry engraving services on offer. Things like fans or buyer video reviews can often be found on video hosting sites like YouTube, or even on random blog posts. Half the trick to finding good sources of information online is to be creative with the search terms used.

Tip #4 – Look at online directories

Yelp is probably one of the most popular as it is really well known, but keep your eyes scoped for smaller versions too, if it’s local then it may well be useful. As well as handy information on the business being all in one place you also get the benefits of reviews from genuine customers. Other people’s opinions are always useful, but keep in mind that sometimes it’s those with a complaint that are more like to feel the need to share it with the world, rather than the customers who have been perfectly satisfied.

Tip #5 – Use social media

Pinterest, and more especially Facebook and Instagram can be good hunting grounds. Concentrate on the business pages of local engravers, where reviews are easy to add so tend to be more balanced, or ask for recommendations on local community sites.  

Tip #5 – Don’t forget ads in local papers and booklets

Both paid for and free newspapers serving your local area are likely to have pages listing small ads, which is where many businesses still advertise heavily. They may also feature in booklets where information on local services are listed.

Tip #6 – Wander the mall

Sure it sounds a bit old fashioned, but you may be surprised b what gems you come across. Not all stores invest heavily in local marketing and advertising, so chances are there are a few jewelers offering engraving services who you didn’t even know existed. If you exhaust the mall try those quirky shopping streets, or even the strip malls near your home. You may be surprised to find engraving services being offered as secondary services in other stores – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Of course, you still need to check out, as you would with anyone providing engraving services, that their training and qualifications are adequate and that you are confident the work they produce meets the standards you expect.

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