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How to repair a leaky sunroom

Sunrooms are relaxing and often easy on the eye however they need lots of windows to let sunlight in and they are prone to leaking. Leaks must be fixed as soon as they occur because if moisture builds up, it can damage your home’s walls and floors. This will inevitably cause mold which can cause health problems for your family such as asthma. One of the most common locations for leakage in the sunroom us in the seams between the glass panels. If you suspect a leak, you should check out the seams as soon as possible and have them fixed or replace window glass in the sunroom.

Why do sunrooms leak?

If you speak with anyone who has a sunroom in their home, they will have a leak story to share. Sunroom leaks are not uncommon. Leaks can be caused through incorrect installation or materials that are not up to standard. There are many reasons that your sunroom may be leaking however, here are three reasons:

  1. Your house roof may be defective: if the roof of your home is in poor condition, it must be repaired before you can deal with the leak.
  2. Installation that has not been done correctly: it is important that your home’s roof be installed properly as this could cause a leak problem for you.
  3. Materials that are not up to standard: ensure that your contractor uses materials that are tried and tested. Metal panels are supposed to contract and expand unhindered as they heat during the day and cool down at night.

You should choose a contractor that specialises in sunrooms as it takes years of experience to be able to recognise and adequately deal with sunroom problems. Choose materials that are resistant to leakage and not just easy to install.

How to fix the leak

You will need to inspect the windows and the weep holes at the bottom of the track. These holes are often blocked with dirt and other debris. This may result in leaks as the windows are unable to drain the water appropriately. You can use a pin or a pointed object to clear the weep holes. Check the caulking on every window. If you notice the caulking is worn out or coming out of the frame, then it needs to be replaced. You should remove old caulking with a razor blade, wash the area with a sponge and a detergent that is mild enough. Give the window time to dry fully then apply new caulk to the seam. You may want to use waterproof caulk and a caulking gun. You should replace glass panes that have cracks in them even if they appear small. Even the smallest cracks can leave an opening that will allow water to seep through.

It is important to fix the problem as soon as it occurs so that you avoid a major problem later on. Try to get professional help if you are unsure how to complete the project on your own.

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