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TikTok is the most popular fashion app which has turned into the regular life of children but also of a large crowd that is inspired by the challenges, duos and dances that the app offers.

In addition to dancing, or unique creations on TikTok it is possible to create your own TikTok video using photos you’ve got in the gallery on the mobile phone.

You can make use of the effects and music the application comes with in the default settings and include different images as if it were a movie that slides, you can also add effects, transitions filters, stickers, etc. It’s easy to use and allows you to add voice effects, transitions and music, as well as video effects, and filters. There are two choices you can choose from if would like to create TikTok with images and then share it with your followers. You can follow the choices that the default app allows, or making the video and uploading it after it has been designed to add effects music, or filters. We’ll explain both, and let you decide which one you like the most.

Create a video using pictures

You can choose a total of 35 images from your gallery to create an TikTok filled with images. You can also mix and match if you wish to add photos as well as videos to your project. In order to do this, you’ll have to follow these easy steps:

  • Start the Tiktok application on your mobile phone.
  • Hit the “+” from the bottom right in the middle
  • The camera will appear on the screen recording in the app.
  • In the lower left corner you can click on the tiny button “Upload”
  • Here you can see your gallery of all your videos and photos
  • After you’ve found the video, select “Sequence” to continue the video
  • The program integrates them automatically to an audio video with slides
  • You can also add the music you like
  • You can pick from any of the filters within the application.
  • You can pick the form of the transition either vertical or horizontal
  • Once you’ve found the information, select “Next” to continue.

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When you have followed the steps above, you will go to the Publish screen. You can choose the cover you want the video to have when you upload it. You can also add all kinds of hashtags or tags, mentions … Once you have followed all the steps, you can post the video to your profile as you usually do. You can also check the “Save to device” button if you want it to be stored in the gallery of your mobile phone to use it in other applications, to send it by WhatsApp to someone or simply to save it when you need it.

Videos that contain more than 35 pictures

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If you’re looking to upload video with images to TikTok however you want to add additional than just the default 35 videos offered by the default app You can do that. There are third-party applications to help you make an image-based video and after you’ve completed it uploaded, you can upload it onto TikTok using the above steps and then selecting the appropriate option. The drawback of this method is that you won’t be able to make use of TikTok transitions.

If you wish to go through this process it is merely necessary to create your video using specific applications like VivaVideo as well as Quik. When you’ve finished saved, save it to the gallery on your smartphone and follow these steps:

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