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Shark Tank Mexico has become the top show on television for entrepreneurs, and the shows are among the most impressive ventures.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t something that is easy, and proof to this can be seen in the lengthy list of entrepreneurs who been to Shark Tank Mexico during the last few years; those who develop business proposals to impress sharks and find partners to realize their dreams.

Others haven’t been as fortunate, yet they continue to follow their own entrepreneurial journeys; others have been able to work with multiple sharks and have seen their business grow. That’s why here we present seven Shark Tank projects that have been awe-inspiring to everyone and their investors.

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If you’re enthusiastic about business Don’t be averse to this season’s fifth installment of Shark Tank Mexico featuring Arturo Elias Ayub, Carlos Bremer, Rodrigo Herrera, Patricia Armendariz and Marcus Dantus. Alongside being back with Ana Victoria Garcia as well as the presence of Colombian sharks Mauricio Hoyos and Andrea Arnau; all eager to help entrepreneurs. A program that you can enjoy through Claro video, just register to see it, remember that if you have a Telcel Max Unlimited Plan 3000 or higher your subscription is already included because thus #ClaroQueSeguimosJuntos.

1. Sign it up by using signs

“Say it” with Signs is a mobile application created to assist the deaf community of children to learn an understanding of their language that will improve their interaction with the world. It is an extremely touching projects that has captivated Arturo Elias Ayub; who was willing to join with the understanding that it be a free application available to the public.(Photo: Google Play)

2. Goalsetter

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While it is a product that was showcased on Shark Tank United States, the app has managed to spread across the globe, because it’s purpose is to people save money and better manage their finances particularly in the case of children. However, it is also used by teens and whole families with long-term and medium-term goals.

3. Soccerton

The app has also become a huge hit after its debut in Shark Tank Mexico and Arturo Elias Ayub invested in it. This is because it’s a game of world football that anyone can take part as they test their comprehension of the game.(Photo: Google Play)

4. Pearachute

Pearachute is designed for parents who have exhausted their options for ways to have fun with their kids but need more options. The app offers suggestions of what you can do, which places to go to or the latest ideas you can do according to the child’s age and also allows you to save memories inside the app.

5. Contalisto

If you don’t have the correct numbers and accounts, this application that made it on Shark Tank Mexico with great success, aids all taxpayers with their tax and financial obligations, to keep track of their finances. An excellent idea that pleasantly surprised everyone who watched.(Photo: Google Play)

6. Hoomaps

Similar to the past when you gathered with your neighbors and friends to play basketball or soccer games. Hoomaps is exactly the same because it allows you to locate individuals who are interested in playing basketball with you, arranging the location as well as the date and time, as well as advertising street sports.

7. Swimply

As summer approaches, Swimply has been the solution for many as it permits users to rent pools for a couple of days or hours. It’s a great idea and ideal to host an event swimming party and beat the scorching summer heat.

Five seasons running, Shark Tank Mexico has seen growth in amazing projects. In this season there are more entrepreneurs looking to wow the judges and expand their businesses. Don’t be averse to it, and take a break with popcorn and a swim with sharks.

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