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friendHow to make friends online with Livebeam

Making friends online with Livebeam might seem backbreaking for a new user. But in reality, it is easier than offline, and we will prove it to you.

Sometimes, making friends online can lead up to a meeting offline. To schedule a meeting with someone, you usually want to get to know them first. So let’s talk about the online part of making friends.

Social media as an instrument to find new friends

Connecting on social media is a great way to meet someone new and interesting. Based on your interests, choose a platform that fits your needs. 

For example, Livebeam is a great choice for those who love streaming – watching others do something, broadcasting their actions, chatting in a private stream. Instagram is better for people who love creating visual content. Twitter is better for those who love sharing their thoughts. And Reddit is a top pick for ones that love discussions. These are the most popular social media, but there is much more to choose from.

Once you choose the platform that fits your needs, let’s talk about how to use it in the right way to meet a lot of new people that will be interesting to you. When looking for a new friend on Livebeam, pay attention to shared topics and interests with other people.

It will be more interesting to chat with a person with similar interests rather than someone completely different. Start with joining groups of interest, looking for bloggers or celebrities in this field.

How to start a conversation online

When you have someone in mind, do not be afraid to message them first. First, interact with one’s content to draw some of their attention. After that, write them a first text message. Introduce yourself, point out their talent and compliment them, mention things you have in common.

Last but not least, you have to keep the conversation flowing and strengthen your bond. You can look up some icebreakers online to help you stay connected and get to know each other at the beginning. Spend time chatting with your new friend online, talk to them in a private stream on Livebeam, and enjoy the time you spend together.

As a bonus, you can always ask your internet friend for an offline meeting. It might be hard to arrange if you live in different countries, but you can travel together. Before meeting someone from the internet, please remember about your safety. Make sure you know them well, don’t share any personal information like your address or others.

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