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Lately, we have been hearing a lot of discussion about hair, skin, and nail vitamins. Some swear by them; while others say that they are just a complete hoax. So let’s take a closer look to see what all the fuss is about.

Every Multivitamin Is Different From The Other:

Companies usually manufacture oral supplements to produce different types of multivitamins instead of making one type and focusing on their marketing. They do so because different multivitamins contain different compositions of different nutrients. They are classified according to their types like some consists of Vitamin-B complex, some have more Omega-3, while some consist of bamboo silica, zinc and so on.

Many such multivitamins serve different purposes, and hence, considering multivitamins as a broad-spectrum treatment for all of the skin, hair and nails problems is simply an exaggeration.

Mode Of Action And Function Of Multivitamins:

Before starting with any vitamin, one must consult the GP. A very important question that you must ask your doctor is how will this particular vitamin function to achieve healthy skin, hair and nails? Let us tell you that our skin, hair, and nails have different compositions of different proteins, minerals, and vitamins, etc.

Do you know, hair and nails are composed of the same components, except for one difference. Hair has soft keratin while nails have hard keratin. Therefore, it is important to understand exactly what the multivitamin will do regarding their proteins that are similar in components, but minutely different in structures.

Here is a little fact: Most of the multivitamins we consume regularly normally contain specific vitamins in optimum quantities only!

Which explains these multivitamins only contain micronutrients in minimum quantities needed per day by a healthy person, not in quantities large enough to raise any deficient vitamins to the desired levels unless taken in a very high dose.

Taking them in large quantities in a particular deficiency would be risky because overdosing on other vitamins that are present in adequate quantities, leading to serious side-effects.

Not Necessary To Take Hair, Skin And Nail Vitamins:

Most people who take multivitamins actually have no idea why particularly they are taking them. They take them because they have somehow been convinced that such medicines will grant them healthy hair, skin, and nails, without knowing how.

Do Multivitamins Need To Be Taken?

The truth is, there is a very small number of hair, skin and nail diseases that are a result of a multivitamin deficiency. Even those diseases that are a result of any insufficiency occur due to the deficiency of a particular nutrient. In a case of real deficiency, dermatologists prescribe the vitamins, which contain large quantities of the deficient micronutrients to raise their levels. The course of such vitamins is recommended for a specific time and not for general use.

Do Vitamins Maintain The Nutrients?

Yes, they do, but which multivitamin would you actually take? Simply like every other pill, multivitamins are medicines and are designed to address specific insufficiency. The fact is, it is nearly impossible for a layman to diagnose micronutrient deficiencies, and thus qualified physicians must be engaged for such diagnose and prescription of multivitamins.


Having multivitamins without a reason is like pouring water in a cup, which is already full; not only would it be useless, it will also be a waste of a blessing of nature. It is difficult to deprive a human being of essential micronutrients such as vitamins. It takes months to years of severe deprivation of nutrition to make a grown human being who can consume food by mouth with low vitamins.

If you are taking vitamins for healthy hair, skin or nails without having any symptoms or disease, you must stop right now, as you are merely wasting your money. If you really want to maintain healthy levels of micronutrients in your body, we suggest you consult a doctor or eat healthy food and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can take out time for a few servings of fruits and vegetables, instead of consuming hair, skin, and nails vitamins for better health. A person runs into a shortage of vitamins or other nutrients, only when he/she is ill, very old or very malnourished.

Here’s another fact: A normal person, having a normal routine, hardly faces any vitamin deficiency!

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