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Summer is traditionally a time for activities. Families gather for barbecues and reunions while children are off school and often playing outside. However, for our ageing parents and loved ones, a few adjustments can be needed if summer is to be enjoyable. After all, heat sensitivity and mobility issues can get in the way. But this does not mean that your elderly loved one cannot enjoy summer. With that being said, continue reading to find some activity ideas that you – or a carer – can enjoy with an elderly person this summer, or any summer that comes afterwards.

Outdoor activities

There are a number of different activities you can enjoy outside with your loved one. This includes gardening, fishing, attending events, bird-watching, and walking. Gardening is a great activity to enjoy because it is peaceful and engaging. However, as is the case with fishing, these are the sorts of activities that you may need to give your elderly parent a bit of help with. Nevertheless, unlike fishing, gardening has the added benefit of being something that can easily be enjoyed from home. Even if your loved one only has a window sill or a small balcony, you can enjoy re-potting or planting some flowers together. There are lots of events going on during the summer months and this is something you may want to do with your elderly loved one, depending on their mobility and health. From sporting events to festivals and markets; all you need to do is a quick search online to see what is going on in your area. For something that anyone can enjoy, bird-watching never fails. You may also want to buy some bird guide books to help your relative with this hobby.

Indoor activities

There are also plenty of different activities that you can enjoy indoors with your elderly relative this summer. Creating time for family bonding is a must. Your children are going to have time off work during the summer months and so it is a great time for all of the family to get together. Aside from this, there are usually plenty of organised activities at senior centres to consider too. This includes the likes of language classes, painting classes, movie nights, bingo, and card games. You are bound to find something that appeals to your loved one’s interests. Or, how about water aerobics? This is a great thing to do in the summer months to cool down and it is also a way to socialise and build friendships.

So there you have it: how to make the most of the summer for your elderly loved one. According to the Live In Care Hub ( and their Better at Home Report, 97 per cent of elderly people do not want to go into residential care. One of the main reasons for this is because they want to maintain their independence. With the activities that have been discussed in this blog post, you can help to make sure that this is the case.

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