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When you’re starting up your own fitness business as a personal trainer, the first thing you are going to need is clients. Unless you have been previously working in a gym, gaining access to the people that may want to take advantage of your services could be problematic. 

Of course, you could do all the regular things, such as starting your own keep fit class in the hope that someone turns up, or you could approach the problem from a different perspective.

1. Expand your working hours

You may need to expand your working hours somewhat in order to catch those potential clients that have so far eluded you. For instance, offering your time and knowledge after the working day is done to attract the 9–5ers or after the initial morning school run is done to attract young moms who haven’t returned to work themselves. 

In order to catch the early birds, you may need to think about early morning clients who like to exercise before the working day has begun or only have this window free in their schedule as a partner will be around to keep an eye on the kids due to both parents working.

2. Expand access to the information on your website 

Everybody should be given the opportunity to take part in physical exercise and to experience the benefits it provides for the body and mind. So, it’s important that you make sure that you expand access to the information on your website. 

However, in order to know the accessibility of your site, you’ll need to find the best accessibility audit tools. This will help and encourage everyone who visits your website to understand and make full use of the information that you’ve put on it, including booking fitness sessions with you.

3. Supply free workout tutorials on YouTube

To expand your audience further still, you could take advantage of YouTube and postfree workout tutorials for individuals to follow along and join in with. This is a great way of building a base of loyal clients all around the world, building your brand, and getting your name and face known within the physical fitness sector. 

Many personal trainers are already doing this, and some have even taken on the role of “influencer” with their branded health powders, snacks, and clothing ranges being sold to their followers.

A few final thoughts

In order tomaximize your desired clientele, you’re going to have to make yourself available during the day or evening when they’re free. This could mean that you are working some strange hours, but in order to build your business, it’ll be worth it.

By ensuring that your website is easily accessible to everyone, you’ll be able to reach those who are interested in learning more about the services that you offer and may even book a fitness session with you.

By expanding your business on platforms such as YouTube, you may find that you can reach clients all over the world. You can still sell to these clients even if they can’t book personal sessions with you by building a brand for your business and branching out into other areas of the fitness industry, such as selling sports clothing.

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