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The English language is witnessing popularity and encouragement in many countries. English is used in official works of many countries including India. Many exams that are conducted around the world follow the English language. The advancement of a language is done by conducting exams that are based on a specific language such as the English Olympiad. This Olympiad plays a major role in globally uplifting the language. Children of the sixth standard are more or less aware of the advantages of this examination but may not understand the sensitivity. It is very crucial to understand the need and purpose of the exam before deciding to prepare for it. 

What is an Olympiad? 

It is nothing but an event that is held in different difficulty levels for recognizing students with great wits. Olympiad exams give students a platform where they can explore and present their skills in academics. Students participating in the Olympiad compete with fellow children of the same academic level. An Olympiad takes place at different levels such as regional, state, national and international and students have to qualify for each round before entering another. 

The Olympiad exam is just like any other competitive exam that is held for a higher purpose. Olympiad exams help students in getting used to an environment of competitiveness. These exams also serve the purpose of identifying the true potential of a student. These exams are built to find out the knowledge a student has in a specific subject. Students who have an early experience of an environment similar to that of competitive exams tend to perform better in regular studies. 

What is an English Olympiad?

Different types of Olympiads take place every year. An Olympiad focusing on the English language is called the English Olympiad. This Olympiad helps in the advancement of the language around the world. The English Olympiad also helps in developing interest in the language that results in better performance in the subject. English is considered one of the most complicated languages because of the tricky grammar that is applied in it. Many rules should be remembered for attaining command in this language in its written form. Students who belong to different nations participate in the English Olympiad thus a feeling of doing better in examinations comes in handy. 

How to be prepared for the English OLympiad as a student of class 6th?

To excel in the English OLympiad, it is very important to understand the basics of the language. By having an understanding of the basics, individuals will be confident in holding the command over the language. For the English Olympiad, students will have to prepare well because basic English will not be used in the examination. Students will have to be aware of refined language that will be used in the exam and for that, they will have to study books that are not in their school curriculum. To crack the English OLympiad as a student of class 6th, you will have to solve the IMO Class 6 2013 Question Paper. Some preparation tips are mentioned below:


  • Understand the syllabus instead of cramming up 


Students have the habit of cramming up the portion without understanding the sensitivity of the topic. This does not help them in developing skills with regards to the subject and they are unable to use the given information practically. Understanding the syllabus and marking out the already learnt topics is very essential. English Olympiad can not be cracked with the process of cramming up thus grammatical concepts and vocabulary should be improved. 


  • Studying from the right material 


Everyone is different and so are their needs. The right study material according to the child’s needs is very important. There are many materials available in the market that will provide aid in the English Olympiad exam but choosing the right one is the key to success. One can choose from a material providing the most basic knowledge to materials with a refined text. Comprehensive reading should be done regularly and the preparation should start at an early stage. 


  • Following a timetable 


A timetable fulfilling the requirements of a child is very important. A child will feel caged if the timetable is filled with constant study hours, breaks are as important as studying. A timetable should be made for balancing the act but should be followed regularly. Even students who are good in school academics will require a timetable for preparing for this kind of examination where the competition will be very rigorous. The right timetable will help students in the improvement of the pre-learned concepts and will build focus on new topics. 


  • Start the preparation at an early stage 


There will be no good achieved by giving the exam from the preparation of just one or two weeks. A deep study is required even for the English language and the severity should be understood. Children will have to read various kinds of texts to improve their reading speed and ability, this will also help them in gaining fluency in the language. Vocabulary should be built daily and new words should be revised and used for remembrance. The grammar portion will have an equal role in cracking the exam with good marks th2us should not be neglected. 


  • Solving sample papers and taking mock tests


The English Olympiad will be a multiple-choice question-based exam thus students will have the habit of facing such types of questions. After the preparation will be done, students are advised to solve sample papers and take mock tests afterwards. Solving mock tests will help them in amplifying the topics they need to focus on. Familiarity with the pattern is very important for building confidence in solving the main question paper. Students can also refer to inline materials that offer to learn deeply and comprehensively. 


The English Olympiad will help in building confidence for the language that is important for higher degree programmes. Students will get benefits from the English Olympiad in many competitive exams such as TOEFL ( Test of English as a Foreign Language ), IELTS ( International English Language Testing System) and GRE ( Graduate Record Examination ). 


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