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An Impeccable Way to Manage & Organize the Emails in Gmail Making Use of Your Magical Email Assistant

Being in business can be extremely stressful, especially with the number of emails that one receives on a daily basis. Everyone from your clients to your employees, vendors, well-wishers, and collaborators seeking to communicate with you through emails on Gmail could lose track of the line communication if you do not find the best way to organize emails in Gmail. This is the major reason why organizing Gmail into folders is by far one of the most important tasks that every business person needs. Using a free online task manager that is a magical email assistant could help you keep your emails organized and on top of every task that needs to be attained.

Here’s How The Magical Email Assistant Works To Keep Your Emails Organized: 

1. Segregation & Organization of Emails Automatically 

With the automated software that segregates all emails, attachments, contacts and key dates one receives being segregated into smart folders of their own, your entire mail is always organized at all times. This makes the process of workflow easy to understand and simplified. Like an old saying that goes, “clutter causes stress, and clutter is one of the main barriers of productivity,” it is important to declutter one’s emails to get productive each day and start with a clean slate with the help of the automated email classification, segregation and organization of every mail that’s delivered to you or is sent from your email. Never again will you need to search for an email or document again. With just one click, you can easily export all transaction communication for compliance requirements. 

2. Track Progress of the Timeline

With the magical email assistant that helps organize Gmail into folders, one can easily keep track of all the ongoing work easily by tracking down key dates, syncing the google or outlook calendar with others in collaboration, and setting common or individual reminders. You can also share a professional timeline website with others involved in the transaction or in the line of communication. The real-time tracking of progress of the timeline of a project or requirements can easily be shared with everyone involved, thereby keeping one accountable for the time spent on each task. 

3. Easily Syncs with other Apps

By using the free online task manager, you can install DocuSign integration into the emails and easily make the process faster by creating easy signatures from within your email. You can also easily sync the timeline of a project and the history of a transaction with Google Drive sync, which makes Gmail a lightweight transaction management tool. Those in the real estate business can easily transform their GSuite or Office365 tailor-fit for their business needs. This keeps every information updated, checked, and easily accounted for with their real-time progress tracker. 

4. Perfect when Working with Large Teams 

If, as a business person, you happen to work with a small or a large team, with the help of an email assistant such as Folio by Amitree, you can easily get shared access to smart folders for those working on the same project. This facility creates visibility, transparency, progress tracking, and accountability with partners such as your lenders, etc. This feature works hand in hand with easy integration of the data with other industry-standard software used to keep data backup and history, such as Google Drive, DocuSign, Google Calendar, Outlook & Apple Mail. 

All of these features offered by an email assistant that aids in organizing Gmail into folders could save you plenty of hours weekly, and you will have all organized data at your fingertips in no time. You can now spend less time searching for emails, documents, and transactions in your Gmail and spend that much more time building a strong relationship with your existing list of clientele or rather networking with plausible clientele.

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