Sat. Dec 9th, 2023
Important things to ensure in your catalog

When it comes to launching any new product or a new company that sells products, you need a catalog to showcase your products. But in these unpredictable times, it has become challenging for component manufacturers to produce catalogs that are up to the mark.

Also, until 2040, 95% of the population will purchase stuff online, and by the next year, the e-commerce market will be worth $4.5 Trillion. This is going to become the most prominent industry and wholesale catalog printing will be a big part of how we buy products online.

Having a catalog is of the utmost importance to increase sales of your products. It not only boosts the interest of the audience but also increases the sales. And the four main elements that must always be included in a catalog are as follows:

  1. Images

Image is always the first thing that a potential customer sees. This is because an image makes it easier for a customer to see if it is what they are looking for or not. Improve the quality of images in the catalog and this will give better exposure to the products you are selling. This will also help you in increasing your CTR.

Pixelated or blurry images are a big no in the catalog because it will lead to less generation of traffic. This is because the images then deceive the customers.

As the head, one should run quality checks to help e-commerce websites remove any discrepancies they might have concerning all the visuals in the catalog.

  1. Product Descriptions

Mentioning all the details of the item being sold is a must. For example, if a pair of jeans is being sold, the website should mention these things: size, color, washing directions, and brand among other things.

There are always a few things that every customer has a look at before buying anything. Hence, adding well written and crisp product descriptions is very important and is one of the first things that should be done under wholesale catalog printing.

  1. Contact Information

Contact information for each category of products should be there. This is a necessity for when the customers are not happy with the products. There should always be a phone number or an email id that the customers refer to.

This is not only when there is a problem in the product, but rather it should also be there for someone to solve their queries regarding what they are buying. This also helps to track your packages when you buy something from online catalogs.

  1. Listing of products and services

Every catalog must have a complete list of all the products and services mentioned in it. This list should ideally be in the beginning to make it easier for the customers to search directly for what they are looking for. Doing this will make it efficient and much easier for customers to find products rather than searching the whole catalog to find one product.

It also saves the time of the customers and they can easily skip over to the right page. Thus, making the sales process also much quicker and smoother, while maintaining high customer service.


Now with multi-national companies ruling the world of e-commerce and trade, it is hard to find a niche spot for yourself. It is becoming tough for budding players to find this spot everyday and hence, everything in their online catalogs should be spot on.

Every online business should invest in enriching the catalog that they offer. This will ensure that it is always up to date and it renders quality visuals and data for all the products mentioned in the catalog conducted quite reasonably under wholesale catalog printing. This will ensure a great experience for all the users! 

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