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We, humans, are strange creatures. If we have something really close to us, we would love to take care of it till the very end of time. Since we are humans and we have feelings and emotions, we feel emotional towards certain things. We like to keep ourselves busy with that too. But here I am talking about something really important. I am talking about pets. Most of us have pets whom we love. We adore them and keep them as a child. Pets become our child and we take every opportunity to serve them by providing them with the best food, shelter, and whatnot. We try every possible move to keep them protected from the outer world and the threats it holds like accidents or other such mishaps. 

One thing which has become a trend is that, now, you can have pet insurance. Even though it developed its roots back in the 1890s and the policy was started by Claes Virgin. For some reason, it was unknown to people until recently (like 10 years recent or so). Now, just like we humans have our insurances planned, pets can have them too. The most important question which has been related to is or which has been asked more than anything is that is pet insurance a sane option? To answer that I would like to dig into the detail and have a look at the pros and cons of the matter so we can come to a final decision.

 Let’s start from scratch and have a look at what is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is exactly like human insurance. It is actually a program designed to take care of your pets and to keep the dues in balance. Pet insurance helps by covering the cost of veterinary care. Many times your pet may get ill or catch a disease. This disease could either be a petty common one or a deadly one – anything is possible. In such cases, pet insurance is the best option that you can rely on. There are different policies available for the person to choose from. For instance, according to some policies, a company will pay the owner of the pet the money if the pet dies, or if the pet is lost or stolen. The companies will reimburse the money to that owner. 

As mentioned before that there may come a time when your pet will get sick or be injured. And probably some of the medical care facilities are way too expensive for a person to afford. At that moment, you might not know what to do and how to ask for help from anyone – moreover, not everyone might feel the same for your pet as you do. Pet insurance policies are one of those ways of asking help. 

Just like we humans cannot afford some of the medical treatment because of how expensive they or life itself is. Similarly, some of the medical treatments for pets are expensive too. These include surgeries and sickness or any other. In order to help the person, some companies are selling their policies to the people. The person or the owner of the pet can buy a policy and can pay for the monthly or yearly plan. The cost and expense vary according to the pet you own. It depends on the type of animal you want to get insurance for. For example, if you have an outdoor cat it will cost you more than an indoor cat. You can buy as expensive a premium as you like. 

There are several policies available in the market and you can easily go through them over the internet to decide which one suits you. However, you will need a good internet connection to be able to research and compare plans. We recommend if you’re not already a Spectrum customer then reach out to them by calling the Spectrum phone number to check availability and current promotions. You will thank us later.

Know your Pet’s Value

Pets are your children in one way. You become their parents and take care of them. You provide them food on time, take care of their health, and provide them shelter. You provide them the warmth of your love and everything they deserve. You do every possible thing to make them happy. You are, of course, their parent and you would do anything to keep them with you. But sometimes, the odds are all against us. I don’t mean to offend by taking reality and I also know that it might hurt the sentiments of some people but the pets get sick too, they get injured or they might get some risky disease as well. Oh and let’s not forget the cuttings, vaccinations, monthly checkups, and whatnot. 

I want to talk about reality because my baby fell ill and I didn’t know what to do at the time. I looked up for some of the best vets who could cure her and it was quite expensive but thank god for that friend who suggested me I should get Millie insured when I got her. Thanks to that pet insurance helped me in saving my pet. It covers all the cost which comes on the illness of your pet. For instance, accidents and injuries, illness, veterinary exam fees, prescription medications, cancer treatments, MRI, CAT scan and ultrasound, surgeries, and therapies. It includes everything necessary. In fact, you get all the facilities by getting pet insurance.


In the end, if you opt for pet insurance you have peace of mind. Being a pet owner or pet parent, you care for your pet. I mean, just think about it, you keep them with you all the time just to make sure that they are okay. It’s so difficult leaving them with a sitter or a friend or even alone at home. Insurance would reduce the stress to a point at least – as you can have your meetings and profession on the go all the while knowing your pet is secure. Pet insurance is a perfect budget plan for you to have and is a totally sane option as it helps you and your pet in many ways.

By James

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