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Green Lights Underwater

Do you know the fish activity increases between the hours of dusk and early morning? But, catching fish during this time can become difficult due to the lack of light. That’s where fishing lights can come to your rescue. Using submerged lights, you can attract more fish and see them underwater. You can find fishing lights in different colors. Among the different options available, green lights offer better lights compared to others such as blue or white. The color of the light matters when you are trying to catch more fish. Years of research back the claim that fish becomes attracted to a specific wavelength of light such as green underwater lights compared to others.

Fishing Light History

Before we look into the details of using green light for catching fish, you need to know its history. Why can you fish more with fishing light? Fish has certain behaviors and preferences. You can find more fish in areas with more food. Fishermen discovered that certain things could stimulate the fish to eat. Light intensity or light changes occurring at dusk and dawn remain one such aspect. Active feeders are the fish that feed by sight. So, they eat in the daytime. But, certain types of fish rely on their other senses such as taste or smell feed during the night. But these fish tend to eat in a well-lit area. This concept gave rise to fishing lights.

In the olden days, fishermen used to opt for white light at night to catch fish. It did attract more fish but came with the drawback of attracting bugs and insects. The earlier fishing lights had a simple and unsophisticated design. Also, fishermen only used white lights and never thought about using other colors. These fishermen mounted the lantern on a Styrofoam ring, which remained secured with a rope, cord, or any other weight to prevent the light from drifting away. Today, you have fishing lights available in a wide variety of colors. They have sophisticated designs and comes with several features such as self-cleaning or better efficiency. Among the different choices, green has become immensely popular among commercial fishermen and people who wish to have fun catching more fish. Let’s see why.

Green Color Works The Best

Several studies indicate the effectiveness of green light in attracting plankton, the food the baitfish feeds on. So, when the plankton sees the green light, it migrates towards it to reproduce. Plankton attracts the baitfish which in turn attracts the big fish. Green light’s wavelength can penetrate deep into the water, unlike the white light that gets absorbed quickly. Hence, green light can more effectively lure big fish. Hence, many people use the green light for fishing with success.

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