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Bedwetting is a part of growing up, almost everyone has some sort of embarrassing story of wetting themselves. Bedwetting in particular, is a common phenomenon in infants and toddlers, and a routine problem to deal with for young parents. Whilst it can’t be avoided, it can certainly be controlled and eventually stopped before your child grows up a little too big to be wetting themselves anymore. Here are 5 tips to deal with bedwetting:


Bedtime schedule works

A consistent schedule means the body adapting to a set routine, a routine which should include going to the bathroom right before sleep. Be early to bed and be early to rise, you will notice a decrease in 2am bathroom trips and wet beds at dawn.


Mid-sleep bathroom time

Get your child to sleep early, around 9pm is an ideal time. Like most parents, you will surely sleep much later than that. Let’s say you sleep around midnight, now here is the part you need to pay attention to: wake your child up before you go to sleep. Now I know what you may be thinking, that’s just cruel! Disturbing your child’s sleep just to avoid a few dirty sheets? Remember, this is a long-term effort to ensure that they only use their bed sheets for napping! Besides, nobody sleeps as carelessly than a child! A sleepy child will fall right back to sleep since their shut-eye hours still remain to be completed. Get a great baby bed online, wash the bed sheets with a softener and have all bedding essentials at the ready!


No shame in it

Not a tip to stop bedwetting but rather accept it and then counter it even more effectively. There is a certain sense of shame attached with bedwetting and parents, quite unwisely, try to ‘motivate’ their child to stop wetting the bed by shaming them for it. This is just straight up mockery! Do you want your child to develop insecurity issues and dislike their own parents? Talk to them about how normal this is for everyone, address the stigma and then work around the problem from there. Take appropriate steps in case of accidents such as having spare towels, buying online baby clothes in Pakistan and having your washing machine on the ready for heavy duty tasks, i.e. bed sheet washing.


Lack of fluids

Seems obvious enough. Don’t send your child off to sleep after they have just had a considerable intake of liquids. Caffeine, especially, should not be a regular part of your child’s diet. Don’t overdo it and dehydrate them though!


Check ups

Bedwetting is normal but if your child is outgrowing their pants and seem too big to be still wetting their bed, it is time to seek professional advice. Here are some other red flags:

  • Blood in pee: Head to your local clinic immediately
  • On-going Constipation: No habits can cure this!


These are just a few tips that can help with the overall laundry situation that all young parents will definitely go through. It’s a process, not a one day counselling session so be patient and let time and good habits run their natural course.

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