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Playing Rummy always starts with the player situated on the dealer’s left side and then proceeds clockwise. Whenever the turn of a player comes, they draw the top card from the stock available or the discard pile. Then it is the choice of the player to meld or to lay off, These both are optional, they can discard a single card to the top of the pile if they want to end their turn.

Laying off

It is the decision of a player to choose to “lay off” some of the cards on an existing meld. This simply implies that if in case a player can add to any sequence which is in front of them or in front of any of the other players. One more variation that you will see is that people just cannot “lay off” unless they have finished playing a set of 3 or a run. 

Let’s suppose: In case another player had a sequence which consisted of  A♥ 2♥ 3♥ just in front of them, then that player can add the 4♥, or 4♥ 5♥, and so on, ensuring the continuity of the sequence. some variations allow players to play the K♥ and wrap around.


When it comes to discarding, after any of the melds or layoffs, the player must discard a single card to the discard pile, that too face up. If in case the player drew from the discard pile in place of the stock on his turn, then he may not change the same card on top of the discard pile. It limits him from replacing the same card and he will need to discard a different card.

Exhausting the stock

In case, while the game is going on, the stock runs out, the next player has the option to choose to draw from the discard pile or if he wants he can make a new stock by turning the discarded pile. In this process, the discarded pile is not shuffled. After the new stock is formed, the topmost card is drawn to form the new discarded pile. Similarly, after the deal, The players can call Rummy game in case a point is discarded into the discarded pile just like after the deal.

Declaring rummy

I suppose a player successfully melds all of its cards at once, he or she might say “Rummy” when their turn comes and go out. To be able to declare rummy game rules, it is important that a player should not have melded or mistakenly laid off any cards beforehand. In case they are playing with the discard rule, they must discard after melding. In case a player goes rummy even when a card can be played, then that player is out for that turn. Rest Game players are still in the game but just the hand goes dead. No doubt Playing for rummy is riskier, but the reward it carries is the double score. Choose wisely before trying your hand at it.


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