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Owning a dog sounds very beautiful but taking care of it is really a tough job. There are many dog breeds in India for you to select the one that suits you the best. But, you must know about taking proper care of dogs before you decide to bring any in your house. Actually, it’s a big responsibility and you must ensure that it is fulfilled. Taking care does not only mean physical care like feeding, cleaning or providing shelter but, it also means providing a good environment, spending time and taking emotional care so that your dog remains happy with you. Also, you can follow this link to find out the best large breeds to bring home with your family. Of course, after considering if that’s the best decision to make.

Today in this article, we are going to discuss a few things that you must ensure in order to take care of your dog which will help you develop a good bonding between you and your pet.

Feeding – The main focus should be providing enough protein and the food must contain meat and not just anything to satisfy the appetite. Visit a veterinarian for proper diet planning and advice on how to feed properly. You must also not provide an excessive amount of unwanted foods and treats to your dogs as they tend to cause many health problems. Avoid things like raisins, grapes, onions, chocolates and bread dough.

Feeding Schedule – You must also design this as generally, dogs need to be fed two times a day. You can balance this in the morning and evening time as per your routine as generally after half an hour of eating, they go to the bathroom.

Water –  This is also a point to consider that your dog should be given open access to water whenever it needs.

Proper Check-Ups -. Stay in contact with a veterinarian and also don’t hesitate to change if needed. Get a regular checkup done and discuss any problems related to your dog.

Vaccination – It is also important that a proper vaccine is provided against any disease which has the probability to attack your pet. Your veterinarian can tell you about any particular disease which may be common in your specific region and can provide a vaccine as per the need.

 ID Chip – Provide your dog with an ID chip which will help you to find your dog If in case, it gets lost. It contains a number which is stored on a database from where your contact details can be found.

Pet Health Insurance – You can also take this safety measure as in the case if your pets suffer any disease or accidents, your health insurance can help you match with the cost of the treatment.

Cleanliness –

You must regularly clean your dog, cut nails, and clean the dog’s coats. You will need a lot of things like the best dog shampoo, nail clippers, comb, etc for your dog’s grooming.
You cannot deny the importance of grooming your dog on regular bases as it is crucial for his health and growth. Moreover, if you like to do it on your own then you can get several tips and guidelines online as several dog related companies are offering Best Dog Grooming Courses Online.

Physical Activity – Engage them in a lot of exercises and spend some time playing with them.

Stimulating Mind – It is also important and this can be done by training your dog which will also help to develop the bond and you can provide some reward for these training to your dog.

Socializing – You can do this by exposing your dog to different people, environment, smells and other such things.

No matter which dog you chose, every breed has few specific characteristics which they should be allowed to practice.

You should also research properly before buying any dog. Hope you enjoyed this article about taking care of different dog breeds in India.

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