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Send printing jobs from your smartphones to your wifi printer. To know how to set up wifi printer, you are on the right page.  


Connecting wifi printer with Android or iPhone:

It is essential to connect the printer with your android if you want to give command directly through your phone. The work becomes more feasible if you have connected your cell phone with your printer. There are advantages of connecting it to the printer. Go ahead and read about how to set up a wifi printer. 

How to set up wifi printer to work with Android devices?


Whether your printer supports Google cloud print or not, you can still print through your Android devices. Before going to start the setup process, make sure that your wireless printer is connected to your home network via wifi or directly with your computers. If your printer supports Google cloud print, then you will have to download the Google cloud print app in your smartphones and connect it with your printer. Best printer For Graphic.


On the other hand, if it doesn’t support the app, then you will have to follow the below-given process in terms of how to set up a wifi printer.


  • Open Chrome browser:


You will have to set up your printer manually to print wirelessly through your Android devices. For this, follow these steps. As the first step, you will have to install a Chrome browser on your computer or Smartphone and open it for further settings. 


  • Click on the menu button:


Once you have entered into the chrome, now you will have to click on the menu button and choose the “settings” option from the menu list. 


  • Advanced settings:


After selecting the settings option, a new window will open on your desktop screen, and you have to locate “Show advanced settings” and click on it. There is an option named Google cloud print at the bottom of the list. 



  • Click on manage:



When you have located the Google cloud print button, now you have to click on it and select the “manage” option to open the Google print manager tab. 


  • Sign in:



Now it will demand to sign in with Google account. Make sure that you are using the same Google account that is associated with your Android device. Sometimes it prompts for verification. You will have to follow the prompts. 


  • Add printer:



Once you have successfully signed in the chrome, now step forward to add a new printer. Locate the “Add printer” button and click on it. After clicking on the button, a new window will appear on the screen, which is showing the entire available printer machines connected with your desktop or network.  You will have to choose your desired one, which means which you want to connect. 


  • Successfully added:



It will never prompt for any driver or software for connecting a new printer with Google cloud print. Once you have successfully added the new printer in the chrome browser, you are all set up to print wirelessly. Move forward to the next step in terms of how to set up wifi printer. 



  • Download require app:



You have almost done the job; now, you have to download the Google cloud print app in your Android device and sign in into the same Google account and enable it for printing. 


  • Start printing:



Once you have installed the Google print app and successfully added the printer in the chrome, now you can print wirelessly from anywhere. You will need an app that supports your print too wirelessly, and you will also have to turn on the computer that you have used for this setup.  On the other hand, if you have connected your printer directly with Google cloud print and your machine supports the app, then you do not have any need to turn the computer on for your printing tasks. 


How to set up wifi printer for iPhone or I pad?


For the iPhone users, they will need to have a printer model that supports Air print to print with Apple devices. For this, you can check the printer’s logo or documents to ensure that your model is capable of printing through Air print or not. If it supports the app, you will have to connect your iPhone and the printer with the same wifi network. To print something from your iPhone, you will have to follow the below outlined steps.  


  • You will have to open a program or app on your iPhone, which supports Air print. Not all the programs of the Apple devices are efficient to work with Air print. Email, albums, safari, documents are some of the programs, which allow you to print the content through the Air print app. You can open any of these support programs. 
  • After opening your source app, you will have to select the content which you want to print and tap on the share button. 
  • The share button will bring a lot of options on your screen. You will have to choose Air print from the results. 
  • Now you have a list of all the connected printers on your Apple device’s screen. You can choose your default one from the list and tap on the “Print” button to get a hard copy of your selected content. 


Final Words:


Now, we can say that connecting printer with android is very easy if you have the correct guidelines to do the same. We have tried to provide the correct guidelines to connect the android with your printer. 


It is very feasible and the printing jobs become easier. One can print the documents easily. There is no need to connect printer with system and then print. So, we advise you to go through the user manual and follow the steps mentioned in it. In every printer there is a possibility that a few settings are different. Therefore, one can cross-check the steps from the user manual.

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