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The results Google returns on queries like “easy ways to tie hair up” or “how to dye your hair at home” do look stylish. You may also find options or suggestions like human hair lace front wigs which even seems helpful. If you are carefully following their instructions, those cool styles and hair colors are achievable. However, depending on the health of your hair, styling hair in a particular way using hair-styling tools can cause damage. Most of the colors are also not safe for perfectly healthy hair. Chemically straightening or curling hair is also unsafe.    

Booking appointments with hair stylists or buying hair dye of your favorite brand has become part of your routine. You might have even stopped thinking about the damages this can do your hair. If you routinely dye your hair, you need to know exactly what these chemicals do to your hair. 

Ammonia And Peroxide 

You achieve the best hair coloring results when dye penetrates the cuticle and gets into the hair shaft. The cuticle is the outermost layer of hair that provides protection against damage. However, hair dyes penetrate that protection. Ammonia present in hair dyes elevates hair pH and relaxes and lifts the cuticle. This must not happen. Ammonia causes immediate damage. The cuticle remaining lifted weakens the hair shaft. Though the cuticle comes back when you rinse your hair but the damage is done.     

The next step is applying the intended color. Hair dyes use peroxide for this. However, you get your favorite color at the cost of natural hair pigment. This chemical is extremely drying to hair.  Peroxide is the reason why your colored hair takes on a straw-like texture. Being a strong oxidizing agent, hydrogen peroxide oxidizes the natural melanin pigment and causes hair damage.    

What About Less-Damaging Alternatives 

The wrong level of peroxide or constant chemical treatment is not safe for your hair. These dyes don’t open the hair shaft and don’t change the natural color. Though semi-permanent dyes cause less damage and add extra shine, the damage is still damage and the results are also short-term. Temporary hair dyes don’t permanently lighten or color your hair. Those who use temporary dyes, they feel that they should use these dyes more frequently. There are some ammonia-free alternatives but they are not as effective. 

Damage Goes Beyond Dried-out Hair

You have to be gentle to freshly-dyed hair. You need to condition them thoroughly. Hair dyes not only dry out your hair but also make them brittle. Overdoing chemical processes can break hair strands. Ingredients used in these dyes are not only harmful for your hair but also for your health. 

But You Want Cool Hair Style And Color 

There is a smart solution men and women of all ages have been using to get freedom and versatility of styling hair without any damage. You can use something like human hair lace front wigs or some other wigs. Human hair wigs give you instant beauty, confidence and overall fabulousness boost. When you use human hair lace front wigs, you don’t expose your hair to harmful chemicals used in dyes. 

Why Use Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Following are the benefits of using wigs:   

Limitless Styles 

You can change your hairstyle instantly and you don’t have to make a permanent commitment. You can easily enhance your natural hair and get a bold, new look to make a style statement. This allows you to control your hair style. 


You spend a lot of time on blow-drying, curling, straightening, coloring, treating, styling and maintenance of your hair. Using wigs gives you more hours in the day that you can utilize the way you want.

Thinning Hair 

What if you don’t have enough hair to achieve that particular style? Hormonal changes, genetics, illness and medication can cause hair loss. As hair makes a vital part of your overall appearance, wearing wigs can save you. Wear a wig and get your confidence back.


No hair dyeing, styling, heat treatment and harmful products mean you get better hair protection. You don’t need to damage your hair to achieve your favorite color and style. This also saves money as you are booking less salon appointments. 


Wearing wigs is fun to improve your style. Human hair lace front wigs offer boundless opportunities to define your character for costume parties, Halloween, cosplay events, masquerade balls and so on.

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