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A line matrix printer is a printer that compromises between the line printer and the dot matrix printer. Band and line matrix printers are the surviving line printing technologies, but line matrix can print graphics, but band printers cannot. Line matrix resolutions range from 70 to 140 dpi and speeds from 400 to 1400 bpm.

Line matrix printers offer medium resolution monochrome printing with meager ribbon costs. It also provides high speed. For example, printing a three-part form at 1200 bpm is equivalent to a 65 ppm page printer. Line matrix printers can exist in difficult conditions and are common in warehouses and other industrial settings.

The printing mechanism is a row of dot hammers that are roughly the same width as the page. The hammer is attached to a shuttle that vibrates approximately 2 inches on the truck. The hammer is magnetically released at the right time and crashes against the tape and paper.

A line dot printer is a printer that combines both a dot matrix printer and a line matrix printer. Line matrix printers are widely used in banking, back office, and manufacturing due to their high-speed printing capabilities.

Line printers print only one line at a time at high speed. For dot matrix printers, printing is done by a print head that slaps the ink ribbon against the paper. Line matrix printers combine these two features with printing technology. Line matrix printers print by creating lines of text using dotted lines. Continuous feed forms make it easy to maintain the integrity of your printed documents. Line matrix printers are environmentally friendly because they generate less waste in landfills for packages, hardware, or consumables and consume less power than most other printers. Line matrix printers are considered the best printers for printing multipart forms, labels, cardstock, oversized media, and many other rare media categories. Line matrix printers are classified as impact printers.

There are significant advantages associated with line matrix printers. The average lifespan of a line matrix printer is twice that of a laser printer. Provides high resistance to harsh environmental conditions and rough handling. Provides high performance and high reliability. Compared to laser printers, line matrix printers offer significant energy and cost savings per page. You can also print graphics and barcodes in addition to text. For all these reasons, it offers one of the lowest cost of ownership of a printer.


  • The minimum cost of ownership


Line matrix printers cost up to one-sixth of the price of laser toner cartridges. As the number of prints increases, the savings on consumables increase dramatically. The average life of a line dot matrix printer is 7-10 years, while a laser printer’s average life is only 3 years. It saves approximately 20% more users than reel-type it is used in traditional line printers.


  • Productivity


Line Matrix printers offer unmatched uptime reliability.

Laser printers are susceptible to humidity, temperature, static electricity, dust, and other airborne particles. All of this can lead to premature failures, frequent paper jams, print quality problems, and more. Lightweight plastic enclosure, delicate internal components requiring a long list of location and care requirements to ensure proper operation

Line Matrix printers are specially designed to withstand harsh environments.  Storage Energy Shuttle Matrix technology, metal enclosure, sealed electronics, rugged operator interface, rugged user touchpoint control

Document integrity is easier to maintain with continuous media rather than single sheets. Line matrix printers offer remarkable advantages due to energy savings, cost per page, reliability in an industrial environment, multi-part foam, oversized media, peel-off labels, and the flexibility of the supports on all card stock. Offers. Line matrix printers have a much longer life cycle than laser printers and save energy and significantly reduce the cost of consumables.


  • Application adaptability


Printronix’s OpenPrint technology enables printers to connect and render in PDF, PostScript, and ERP environments. If you need a GUI design and dynamic overlays based on data, messages, barcodes, logos, etc., thanks to a strategic partnership of software vendors, a solution is available that natively supports the graphics printing language. Line Matrix is the best technology for printing multipart forms, oversized media, labels, cardstock, and other rare media. Our remote printer management utility, Print Net Enterprise, provides remote visibility and control for all network developments.


  • Environmental friendly


Compared to laser printers, Energy Star certified line matrix printers use one-third more power when printing and one-seventh more power when in standby mode.

Line matrix printers generate much less waste in printer hardware, packaging, and consumables landfills over their lifetime. Laser – Multiple consumables need to be replaced at various intervals. That is, toner cartridge, fusing unit, transfer roller, paper tray feed roller, printer feed roller. 

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