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Living in a Polluted City

Health issues have been the topic of most conversations this year. The global pandemic led us to change many behavior patterns that were unhealthy. For most of us, wearing masks and using hand sanitizers has become second nature by now. Although the fight against Coronavirus is still going, other things also require equal attention.

Air pollution cause various health issues to people in India. For the past few years, the air quality around us has rapidly deteriorated. It demands immediate action to protect ourselves from the consequences of it. It is significantly worse in some cities where people have resorted to wearing anti-pollution masks throughout the year. 

If you reside in a city that has high levels of air pollution, there are some measures you can adopt to remain healthy. Let’s discuss some of them in detail. 


  • Wear Anti-Pollution Masks


As we have become abundantly aware in the last few months, wearing an anti-pollution mask is vital to reducing health risks. However, it is not limited to the Coronavirus. Products like Airific 2.0 anti-pollution mask by Nirvana Being can protect against numerous pollutants in the environment. Their unique nano-technology limits the exposure to harmful airborne particles efficiently. They have been tested by Nelson Labs, USA for their efficiency. 

If you are residing in a polluted city, an anti-pollution mask is a valuable product to be used regardless of a health crisis. It will be in your best interest to take preventive measures rather than bear the consequences of ignorance later. 


  • Avoid Outdoor Workouts


Since the time Coronavirus confined us all inside our homes, many people complain of back-aches and weight gain due to inactivity. While most people have started exercising regularly and maintaining a workout routine, there are some concerns related to it. The guidelines of social distancing are still in place, which makes outdoor activities challenging. 

You may find wearing an anti-pollution mask uncomfortable while running or jogging outside. Hence, it is advisable that you find a place or a time when there are fewer people around. If it is not possible to do so, you can try adopting a home workout routine such as Yoga. It will help you remain fit without having to deal with the health consequences later. 


  • Eat Immunity-Boosting Food


When you live in a polluted city, the chances of contracting a disease are much higher. Apart from wearing an anti-pollution mask, it would help if you change some regular eating habits. A healthier change in lifestyle can have a significant impact on your immunity. For example, certain food items are known for their immunity-boosting quality. 

You can include healthy and readily available items such as honey, neem, ginger, turmeric in your diet to fight pollutants in the environment. Likewise, Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables and a diet with Omega-3 will help you further enhance your immunity.  


  • Use Air Purifiers


With the pollution levels snowballing, it has become necessary to in still changes in our lifestyle. You may not have thought of investing in a good quality air purifier before. But recent studies suggest that indoor pollution is a significant threat. Several pollutants in indoor air can lead to significant health issues. Hence, an air purifier is also becoming a must-have product for all homes. 

You can also use nanotech AC filters which can make your split AC work as an air sterilizer. These filters are known to work at an efficiency greater than 96% for PM2.5, and are highly useful to improve indoor air quality. You can even use them in winters by running the AC in fan mode. 


  • Make Healthier Choices


As you may know, we can make a big difference with small steps in our routine lives. For example, you may be able to reduce the contribution to air pollution by carpooling to work. In our everyday lives, we do many things that are harmful to the environment. 

It is essential to take measures such as wearing an anti-pollution mask to protect you from the immediate consequences. But it is equally vital to curb pollution from the roots. A little effort today may go a long way in creating an actual difference. 

Protect Your Family with the Right Measures

There has been general anxiety regarding the well-being of our loved ones recently. Understandably, a global pandemic, has induced restlessness among people. We want to protect ourselves and everyone around us in the best way possible. The only assured way of doing that is to follow the guidelines and continue them for a while. 

We must acknowledge that an anti-pollution mask is beneficial, with or without Coronavirus. Hence, take the necessary actions that will help you remain healthier and happier in the long run.

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