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Would You Travel to The UK and Invest in Living Close to These Iconic Views?

No-one wants to buy a home without ensuring that it’s a solid one. From ensuring possession of possessory title insurance to checking the structure, one must pay full attention with careful considerations when buying a new home. 

Although it’s usually an exciting process, the important aspects of homebuying such as checking out what the neighbours are like, ensuring it isn’t in a flood area, knowing what your morning commute will be like, and checking local schools must be put into cognizance. 

More so, generally ascertaining needful information about the surroundings without not just being particular about the building alone is a necessity to be looked out for. This, however, doesn’t also rule out the fact that you’ll also have to ask certain questions like will the Possessory Land Title cover be paid for by the vendor? Will there be extra costs with indemnity policies incurred? Is the building plagued with Japanese knotweed? It’s so important that in the conveyancing process, one subscribes to doing a proper survey to avoid being plunged in conjunction with the property into a world of problems. 

The COVID-19 Factor. 

With the impact caused by COVID-19 , it’s been predicted that when we return to normality, there’s a huge boom awaiting the tourism industry. Since sightseeing is something we all like doing, people might not realise that there’s property that can be purchased adjacent to some of the historic monuments. 

Catching a beautiful sight from the window can be so very thrilling, and as a matter of fact, the view from the window is another element that can add to the value of a property.  Lawsure Insurance conducted some research to precisely identify just how much it would cost to live adjacent to the UK’s most beloved landmarks and some of the findings can be seen below.

Iconic Views you can Live Close to in the UK. 

1. Windsor Castle: If you don’t want to be subjected to parking a few roads over from your own home every blessed day, you’d better pray the property comes with a private parking space or a garage because there’s no visitor car park at this world-renowned attraction that receives more than 1.3 million visitors annually. The good side of this property is that you can get to blag your way to a free ticket by pulling the ‘I’m-a-neighbor’ card even though one can’t outrightly guarantee your chances of getting to see her majesty. And, you can get this realized with about £1,450,000/$1,790,000 for there’s a road with the main gates to the castle shared by a residential street. Windsor Castle is the main abode of the Queen and now, tell me, who wouldn’t love to be neighbours with the Queen? 

2. Edinburgh Castle: Getting a private view of the castle and its fireworks right in an apartment of yours can be made to come to reality if forking out £1,388,500 which is about 17 million dollars is okay by you. The crowd at this attraction is often massive and overwhelming; usually, more than a million heads get attracted here due to the epic New Years Eve fireworks display the castle is now most famous for. 

Take note that it’s not all properties that can see the beautiful views of this place from their windows even though it sits on top of a large incline, and this is because of the rolling hills of Edinburgh. History states that this castle was used as a prison and it’s as well famous for housing Scottish monarchs for centuries.

3. Big Ben: You’ve got better things to do than staring out of the window if you have the luxury of this property. Take note that £30million is the asking price but the question is, are you ready to invest that much to grab the opportunity of getting to see the famous clock in the world every day? Procuring this property means that, at your safety and comfort, you’ll be a lucky and special person to view this iconic sight at your convenience. 

4. The Tower of London: You really can’t deny the fact that staying close to this piece of the past offers a beautiful feeling; whether you find the tower frightening, sort of, or enthralling. You’ll get to have a wine cellar and a private bar aside from an amazing view of this piece of history when you make your purchase. With just about £9,500,000 which is around 12 million dollars, you can enjoy all these at your very own convenience. The Tower of London was popular for executing prisoners. 

5. Ben Nevis: Unlike other landmarks, you’ll find around, a property around this landmark will cost you less, and this could be a good choice for those who don’t have much to spend. With £625,000 which is about $770,000, you can get a property near the bottom of the summit. Frequented by annual admirers of about 150,000 people, it sits in The Highlands of Scotland, and it’s the tallest summit in the United Kingdom. 

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