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Lumen5 is a leading software to make social media videos and promo ads. With a user-friendly interface and thousands of ready to use stocks made this app unbeatable. You can manage photo editing, retouching, and simple animations for free in preliminary trial and free versions. The premium version offers professional animation tools and an editing range. 

To beat the topper and bring something new to the plate, nowadays, Mango Animation Maker is trending everywhere. Let’s get to know something about this Lumen5 alternative software, giving it a challenging competition. 

Mango Animate Products

Mango Animation Maker is a creative animation maker creator company. Their two softwares are already on the market thriving. The rest two are on the pipeline waiting. 

Mango Animation Maker 

This one is a simplified Animation making software. You can animate everything by only starting, on canvas, and ending the animation effect.

To make videos more lucrative, add transitions, pre-made, ready to edit templates.

Hold the attention and engage more viewers, and put an excellent background score. Don’t worry about copyright strikes. Mango Animation Maker has it all copyrighted beforehand for you. 

Do Post-production touch-ups, adjusting light, sharpness, and others. Instantly share your video online to be trending on top.

Mango Whiteboard Animation Maker

This software is a 2D animation maker. You can make lego videos and, Children are the target audience for this. As they fascinatingly love characters. You can share the clips in PNG format.

On pipeline

Mango Animation Maker- Business Video Maker 

Take your business one step higher than your fellow competitors by standing out. The way is to create a great marketing strategy with a hooking description video. With Mango Animation Maker professional template, graphic vector design, and customized font, texts make something like never before.

Mango Animation Maker- Character Animation Maker 

If you want to be more versatile with your style and don’t want to go for ready-to-use templates, this is for you. You can create characters with custom designs and features. 

Animating is as easy as ABC with Mango Animation Maker.  Just choose your resources and merge them all. Mango Animation Maker will do the rest. 

Mango Animation Maker Vs. Lumen5

Both Mango Animation Maker and Lumen5 are helping animators to push the limits every day. But when it comes to choosing, you need to know why to select Animation Mango over Lumen5 or vice versa.

Mango Animation Maker is fast, easy, and guiding. Lumen5 is lucrative and user friendly.

Lumen5 provides many editing tools, but Mango Animation Maker offers a multi-tracking screen, camera tricks, post-production reformation, and more.

You can use customized and stock images, audio, and video clips from Mango Animation Maker and Lumen5. But only in Mango Animation Maker you can create your library to use later or share. 

With Mango Animation Maker, animate and customize everything. Be it 3D, 2D, whiteboard animation, PNG, or GIF; every format is supported. Lumen5 is an expert in 3D animations. 

Pricing is an issue. Lumen5 is pocket friendly as You can pay yearly the subscription fee. Mango Animation Maker makes it more accessible. Pay 67$ once and grab the deal forever. 

Mango Animation Maker has a dedicated support team to help you with directions and any problem you face during the animation production. So this is not a one-time deal but service afterward too. Mango maker is undoubtedly one of the leading animation makers of the video art industry for years after years. 


Social media are an excellent opportunity to spread your business and thoughts. It brings you interaction, money, and, most importantly, connections. To do it better, Lumen5 and Mango Animation Maker are always there to offer more. Use your imagination, passion, and tools to grow together for the better. 

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