Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Today we shall be learning about the way one can build an interactive and attractive frontend by making use of Vuetify. The friendly application interface is built with good user experience and skills that need knowledge and practice. While making use of Vuetify one this is sure that you don’t need to become a highly-skilled practitioner in one night, but there will be help for starting with a good start for people that are new in the field.  

Vuetify? What is it?

Vuetify is the MIT project for that’s open source and used for building the user interface for mobile and web applications. The project has been backed up through volunteers and sponsors of the Vue community. The project also has been supported through a community forum and one can ask any questions that they might have in mind regarding JavaScript and it’s not necessary that it has to be related to Vuetify only. 

The team has always been committed to fixing any bugs that arise and offer improvements through constant updates. There are also weekly patches for fixing issues that might be raised in the community.

You won’t find this attention level in any other frontend library. Therefore you can be very confident in initiating the projects with carefully handcrafted Vue and Vuetify Templates and Themes and there will be complete support provided whenever you need it. 

Are all of the box browsers supported through Vuetify?

Yes. All of the major browsers are supported by Vuetify. The old browsers like Safari 9 and IE11 might also work but there will be a need for babel-polyfill. Anything older than that is not supported by it.

Vuetify has been built for being semantic. This also means that each of the components and prop names that one learns will be easy for remembering and re-using without the need for frequent documentation checks.  

There are free as well as premium themes that you can find and then there are also layouts that are pre-made for use quickly for your application.

Who should be using Vuetify?

Now when we have learned about the basics of Vuetify, one must remember that this is just surface scratching. If you have had the older experience of using some other frameworks like Bootstrap, you will find using Vuetify very easy. One might take a look at the several features and components that are highly popular frameworks. If you had been in search of building web applications with a customized look, then Vuetify might not be the perfect choice for you. 


Vuetify can surely help you in saving so much of your money and time. You also get to use a well-researched design. There won’t be the need for spending too much time in the creation of a design language of your own. There is also not a need for writing CSS, apart from the declaration of default colors that you choose for the application theme that you are using.

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