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Man baricades himeslf started shooting in leominister

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LEOMINSTER (CBS) — Police officers with guns drawn surrounded a burning home in Leominster Monday afternoon as firefighters worked to put out the flames and a crisis negotiator attempted to communicate with a man barricaded inside.

Reporters at the scene said they heard what sounded like gunshots, but it wasn’t clear where they were coming from.

Emergency crews have responded to the scene of a burning home in Leominster, Massachusetts where a man barricaded himself Monday afternoon, according to state police.

The man, who is the subject of an arrest warrant, refused to surrender to police and barricaded himself inside the building at 8 Eden Glen Road.

Police say the building caught fire after the man barricaded himself.

NBC Boston Sky Ranger footage shows heavy smoke coming from the building. Fire crews are working to contain the flame.

It is not known if the man inside is armed or if anyone else is inside of the building.

The condition of the man inside is not known at the time.

Leominster School is on an “exterior” lockdown, according to the school. This means doors and windows are shut and locked, but students and staff can move freely inside.

There hasn’t been a direct threat to the school or area.

No further information was immediately available.

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