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Being a contemporary leader or taking a plunge at starting something of your own is a courageous activity. If you are amongst one of the business initiators who find it challenging to sustain motivation, then you should read the success story of Mark L. Madrid. Business without perspective is equivalent to sailing a boat without a destination. Madrid is a total self-made individual who started from scratch to build a legacy of his own. He is always looking to support game-changing initiatives and acts as a backbone for inclusive economics across the United States and Puerto Rico. He acquired his bachelor’s degree in business with honors from the University of Texas at Austin. He was a top performer at UT-Austin, as he earned designation as Endowed Presidential Scholar. Decades later, he became the first in his family to earn a master’s degree, as he graduated with a master of nonprofit administration with honors from the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business.


During his pursuit of his master’s degree in his forties, Madrid was inspired to assist the United States Army with diversity initiatives, for which he was awarded the title of Honorary Colonel.  Furthermore, the experience at Notre Dame catalyzed Madrid’s servant heart and business mind to a deeper level.  In 2014 he was named President and CEO of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GAHCC).  This moment marked Madrid’s full pivot to social impact, economic development and inclusive economics after an executive corporate banking career that began on Wall Street.

For Madrid, his career choices have been his growth, compass, and journey drivers.  Although his journey is filled with setbacks and tragedies, Madrid’s trials and hardships have built his resilience, character, and perspective.  With this mindset, after three successful years at the GAHCC, Madrid was named CEO of the national nonprofit the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN).

LBAN collaborates with Stanford University to champion the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Initiative.  The purpose of LBAN is to strengthen the United States by improving the lives of Latinos and its goal is to double the number of $10 million+ Latinx businesses in the U.S. by 2025.

Madrid strongly believes that faith without works is dead and drives initiatives, both professional and personal, that result in action, measurable impact, and solutions.  He is a beacon of civic engagement and intersectionality through service.  Madrid is considered one of the top LGBTQ business leaders in the country.  This is notable considering that he formally came out in his forties.  As well, he is strong advocate for veterans and the disabled community. He is Founding Member of the Silicon Valley Business Journal Leadership Trust and a member of the Forbes Nonprofit Council.  Though these voluntary efforts, he is a delivering a leadership and firm voice for marginalized communities.  He looks forward to a day when no group will be denied involvement in mainstream economic, political, cultural, and social activities due to their backgrounds, skin color, living conditions, lifestyles, or exclusion.

Madrid, a first-generation college student and son of migrant farm works, is an avid force in education, which he regards as the ultimate equalizer.  He is the creator of the Mark L. Madrid Scholarships, which are awarded to Latino and Latina college students who major in business at the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Notre Dame and Texas State University.   Additionally, he serves on the Board of Trustees of Scholarship America, the nation’s leading nonprofit scholarship and educational support organization, and the on the Board of the Texas State University McCoy College of Business.

Madrid is a firm believer in fanatic discipline, productive paranoia, and empirical creativity, Jim Collins’ lessons which Madrid has incorporated in daily living.  In additional to his professional pursuits, Madrid strongly believes that adherence to a fitness lifestyle results in distinguished leadership.  He is certified as a Physical Fitness Specialist through the Cooper Institute.  He is an avid runner and, since 2019, he has completed 70 races, including an impressive number of virtual races during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Mark L. Madrid is the embodiment of energy discipline and action, which elevate him to distinguished territory in the U.S.

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