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Men and women go to the gym for various reasons. There is something common that men and women generally do at the gym even if they have the same or different set of goals that they wanted to achieve.

Most men would prefer a workout program that will make them stronger, develop a more muscular and ripped body while women prefer a workout program that will develop a toned, tight, and firm body.

What makes men and women choose a workout? Here are the list of their differences and their approach to training at the gym.

The Different Types Of Workouts That Men And Women Do At The Gym

1.Men will more likely to choose to lift weights while women will more likely to choose mind-body exercises such as yoga.

Reason: Men like to get bigger and stronger while women want to get toned and look better. Women also want to get stronger but not to the extent of building obvious muscle mass due to the reason that they still prefer to look feminine.

2.Which gym machinery do men use more than women? 

As men generally want to get bigger, they usually can be seen on the bench press or machine presses while women can be seen on treadmills, stationary bikes, and elliptical machines.

Reason: Most women perceived cardio as a way of losing weight and getting fit that’s why most of them can be seen on most cardio machines.

Findings show that 73 percent of men are lifting weights compared to 53 percent of the women population. The reason is that most women think that lifting weights might lead them to develop bulky and massive muscles or might look more masculine.

3.Men mainly focus on their chest and want to build bigger arms while women focus on the lower body area such as the glutes and thighs.

Men tend to build the muscles that can be seen as they workout that’s why they do a lot of bench presses to build the chest and triceps and a lot of biceps curl to build the biceps. Women want the same too, that’s why they want to build their glutes and thighs so that they’ll look better in tight jeans and short pants.

4.Men train their arms to get bigger while women train their arms to make them firm and tight. 

Men do a lot of biceps curl because when somebody wants to ask if they work out, they roll up their sleeves and flex to show their biceps. Women can be seen doing a lot of triceps press downs because they don’t want their arms to jiggle or can be pinched with fat. The different approaches are for obvious reasons and unique gender mentality.

5.Who would choose to use a personal trainer or not? 

Women are the ones who are most likely to hire a personal trainer that will assist them in their workouts and those who have a trainer are the ones that you see lifting weights. If women are not lifting weights, they can be seen with Yoga, Pilates, or dance instructors at the gym to assist them on their workouts.

Men on the other hand instinctively know that they have the strength and they already know what to do with the weights or the machines when they’ve seen one that’s why most men prefer not to get a personal trainer, even newbies. Men tend to get a personal trainer after when they’ve seen that their results reached a plateau and would like to develop more with the help of a personal trainer.


Women are not reluctant to lift weights, it’s just that they see lifting weights as bulking up and they fear that they would build bigger muscles same as men because that’s what men mostly do but, with proper guidance and with the help of a personal trainer, they’ll eventually know that weights would give them more toned body and will make their goals more achievable.

It is a fact that there are no workouts that were made exclusively for men or women but, each gender has its unique way of how they workout depending on what they wanted to achieve on their bodies. When in doubt, hiring a personal trainer is the best decision that both genders can benefit from because it will guide both with the proper form and the right kind of exercises to achieve their goals. If an individual has a personal trainer at their local Gym in Leeds, they will most likely travel rather than working out from home.

The best objective of both genders is that they would be able to do the things that they enjoy and improve their quality of life by working out. Staying fit and keeping up a healthy lifestyle is the best benefit that both men and women can achieve in working out regularly at the gym.

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