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Most Common Soccer Betting Mistakes To Avoid

As a gambler, when you wager sometimes you win and other times you lose. The important aspect of sports betting is to continuously decrease your losing chances so you can win more. While every punter has his strategy, some avoidable errors must be considered under all circumstances.

Here we have compiled a comprehensive list of the most common soccer betting mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Misunderstanding Value

Let’s take a look at two statements:

High odds are good value.

Low odds are bad value.

Do you think these statements are true? If you answered, it depends, congratulations. If you answered no, then also you understand some aspects of value betting.

However, if you answered yes, then you might have entirely misunderstood the concept of value. But don’t think too much as you are not alone. Misunderstanding value is one of the most common soccer betting mistakes.

If you want to become a successful bettor, you have to learn the concept of value. This is something that you will use in your every single wager for the rest of your life.

You have to understand that in the context of betting, the value does relate to the given odds but you cannot calculate the value by looking at the odds alone. You can only calculate the value of a wager by comparing the estimated chances of the bet winning with the odds of that wager.

  1. Betting with Emotion

Soccer is the most followed sports on the planet, we don’t have to tell you how much emotions are associated with it. Most people who participate in soccer betting are the ones who enjoy following it. There is nothing wrong with that except when you let the excitement for your favourite team or player distort your wagering decision.

You have to avoid investing emotion into betting as all decisions you make must be rationally based on logic and sound reasoning. It can be extremely hard for a soccer fan to remove all emotions from betting decisions. It is not uncommon to see people betting on their favourite team to win, even when all the odds are against it. In this situation, they are wagering on what they WANT to be the outcome instead of what they think WILL happen.

  1. Being part of the herd 

Many soccer bettors follow public opinion because it makes sense to follow the advice of the majority as so many people can’t all be wrong. But for betting, it is an extremely terrible approach because:

  1. Most people betting on soccer lose money.
  2. Heavily backed favourites in soccer rarely offer you any value.

There is a reason why so many bookmakers and betting sites exist. It is because most people lose money on their sports bets which is why you must understand that what everyone else is doing will not always lead to success. Also, when the masses are betting on a particular result or outcome, the odds for that result will go down entirely eliminating any value.

This is why public opinion should not be part of your betting strategy.

  1. Ignoring Alternative Betting Options

The easiest mistakes to avoid in soccer betting is not to ignore alternative wagering options, still, many bettors fail to do so. There are numerous types of soccer bets, and it is not hard for you to learn about them. With experience, you will be able to determine which type of bet to use at what time.

Some of the alternative betting options that you must be aware of are:

  • Asian Handicap
  • Both Teams to Score
  • Double Chance
  • Draw No Bet
  • Handicap Betting
  • Live Betting
  • Over/Under Goals
  • Specials/Props

Do not be like other bettors who stick to the most common type of wager, which is trying to pick the winner of each game. While it is a logical approach, it also means that you missed on all additional opportunities that these alternative options have to offer.

  1. Wagering with Wrong Betting Sites

It won’t help if you’re able to avoid all the above-listed mistakes and end up at a wrong betting site. You might be under the impression that all the betting sites are pretty much the same. Although, most of them are of reasonable standard some of them are not good at all.

It might not be a total disaster to use one of the low-quality betting sites, but there are several disadvantages of doing so:

  • The odds offered are not competitive
  • Poor bonuses and rewards
  • Limited betting options

There you have it. Been profitable with soccer betting is not difficult if you can recognise the most common betting mistakes and avoid them.


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