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This book has all the Original Artworks for the Artist Muntadher Saleh Shareef from 2018 until 2020 the date that the book had been released it has an exclusive artwork that no one had ever seen or never been published on the internet or on the social media it has over 17 pages each page had an artwork with the highest quality and at the end of the book, you can see the name of the artworks shown.

All types of artists enter the art industry at a rapid pace daily. Their artwork is usually unnoticed, and the value of each art piece they create is often priced extremely low. Not until many people realize how wonderful and well respected their art becomes through artwork such as realism artwork, Japanese artwork, metal artwork, abstract artwork, and/or Native American artwork do people realize the value of an emerging artist’s work.

Today’s artwork is appealing to a new type of buyer. For the first time around the entire world, young wealthy professionals are choosing artwork to represent their uniqueness and for cultural purposes. Many new art buyers are appreciating the way art and music influence and inspire the new emerging artists. Once you get your name out there as an emerging artist and gain lots of respect, you will see a great increase in your wealth. As today’s society learns more values and ideas of art as a justifiable investment wheel, more and more people will start investing in emerging artists work and watch it increase in value. They will sell after a few years and make a huge profit. A $100.00 painting could net you a lump sum of 50K in just 2 years. It happened, happens, and will continue happening all across the world as these emerging artists come into the art selling market. The overall goal is to buy a piece of artwork when the artist is fairly new and emerging and turn around and sell it when they are producing famous artwork and are a famous artist.

The great thing about buying artists’ work is that you are cutting out the middleman. When you buy from an emerging artist it is almost always direct to the consumer. This is the perfect chance for any art lover to get a valuable painting for cheap. You definitely should have no problem investing in artwork if you do your homework, research, and have patience. The art selling market has the potential to explode all thanks to emerging artists.

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