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exhibitions in Albania

It is a welcoming country with a young and dynamic population. Albanians are ready for a helping hand and they are prepared to make your stay pleasant everywhere you plan to travel in Albania.

Albania is part of the “Western Balkan” which is by now one of the most preferable tourist trends in the world. A mystic country with numerous fascinating archeological ruins, castles and monuments of cultural heritage, dates from prehistoric times, Illyrians, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, Byzantines, Venetians, Normans etc.

Five sited under UNESCO list of heritage list. Albania is fast developing into one of the most sought after meetings and conferences destinations in the world. The cuisine is another experience. It is very good and delicious. Every region has its particular dishes. More over the prices are quite reasonable for both food and accommodation.

Albania is closer that you may think! We are in very heart of Europe and closer with the most important European capitals. The country is a tourist destination all year round. Albania is fast emerging as one of the favored destination for meetings and conferences in the Balkans. It has a selection of world-class hotels and different travel companies that offer this service at is best. Efficiently connected via air, sea and roads, Albania it’s becoming an ideal MICE destination all year round. Tirana is the main destination for MICE in Albania.

Tirana offer several of congress centers and congress halls and also hotel venues that host up to 1000 people and can accommodate, facilitate business events and meetings to a high standard available on your request . But also other cities like Durrës , Vlora , Saranda, Shëngjin,ect. offer a lot of new hotels and structures and companies able to accommodate and realize meetings and events offering also a taste of Albanian coastline. MICE industry is fast-growing; Albania has become a major centre for regional meetings and conferences.


Mediterranean Cuisine

Albanian cuisine offers a truly unique blend of Mediterranean flavours. Representing a rich historical past, the food of modern Albania has been developed over millennia reflects a variety of influences. East meets west in many discernable ways throughout Albanian culture, but nowhere is it more evident than in the cuisine. The mild climate is favorable for many agricultural pursuits. Among Albania’s most popular are: peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, and an assortment of legumes. The wide variety of fruits and vegetables grown here serves to further enhance this varied fare. These vegetables are combined with meats in a number of delectable ways to form the basis for many Albanian delights. Most often, these creations are baked in earthenware or sautéed, and take one of the following forms: stew, casserole, stuffed vegetables, or meatballs. Other types of dishes blend many vegetables (with or without meat), and can be traced to Asian origins. As in many other Mediterranean countries, olives are a staple in Albania. Although they are most frequently enjoyed on their own, olives combine with many foods and are an essential ingredient in many signature dishes. Types vary by region. Olives from the Berat region are prized for their unique flavour and low fat content. Olives from Vlora, Borsh, Himara, and Tirana are higher in fat content and are more often used for olive oil production. Albanian cuisine also uses a variety of spices to enhance food flavours.

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