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Sikkim is slowly emerging as a popular travel destination due to its unparalleled natural charms, majestic Himalayan landscapes, and utmost tranquillity. Not only families and solo travelers, but also honeymooners are choosing Sikkim over all the other destinations for an amazing trip!

Sikkim is fascinating the visitors with its every part; be it budget destinations or hidden less famous towns. Yes, that’s why you can add any place of Sikkim in your honeymoon itinerary to make your honeymoon trip super lovely! However, most of the people visit only the famous cities and places of Sikkim.

But, if you want to try something unique, something unusual, then you can also visit the offbeat places of Sikkim. The best thing about these offbeat places is that you can get more privacy there as you won’t find many tourists! Plus, the beauty of these hidden gems is totally unblemished due to less tourist intervention.

So, all in all, your honeymoon trip would be awesome if you will visit the offbeat places of Sikkim instead of the famous ones. So, know about these places before you buy Sikkim honeymoon tour packages for your honeymoon!

Here, we are presenting the list of these offbeat places of Sikkim which you must visit on your honeymoon:

  1. Ravangla:

Ravangla is a hidden gem of Sikkim which is perfect for those who want to spend some peaceful moments in the lap of nature. This quaint town is settled amidst Tendong and Maenam hills in the South Sikkim area.

You can see the most beautiful sunrise and sunset vistas from Ravangla. Plus, this town also has scenic trekking trails; so you both can experience some adventure here. The huge statue of Lord Buddha, which is situated in Buddha Park, also enhances the beauty of Ravangla.

You should visit this stunning town during summers because the beautiful flowers like orchids, rhododendrons etc. are in full bloom in this season. So, you will be able to see those breath-taking vistas as well!

  1. Gyalshing:

Gyalshing is yet another less popular place of Sikkim which you must add in your honeymoon itinerary. Gyalshing is the capital of West Sikkim, and it is also a very serene place. So, honeymooners can enjoy some private time here.

Many famous Himalayan treks start from this town, and the beautiful Glacier Valley is also situated in its vicinity. You can also go to the famous Khecheopalri Lake, where the wishes come true! Apart from it, you can also explore one of the oldest markets of Sikkim – Gyalshing Baazar and 17th-century Pemayangtse Monastery with your partner.

  1. Kaluk:

If you want to experience the utmost serenity and calmness, then you should visit the Kaluk village in Sikkim. Located at an amazing altitude of 5600 feet, Kaluk is the perfect place for an offbeat retreat. This hilly hamlet offers you stunning views of Kanchenjunga.

All the hills and valleys of this village are truly picturesque and pristine. The blend of rich history, culture and spirituality make it an awesome place to explore. Go for hiking to Rinchenpong with your partner to feel the puffy clouds under your feet! You can easily spend a day or two in this tiny village.

  1. Chaya Tal:

You must have heard about some of the famous lakes of Sikkim. Besides visiting these, you can also visit a less popular but truly fascinating lake – Chaya Tal. You won’t find many tourists or much accommodation options near this lake; after all, it’s less popular.

But, this one thing makes Chaya Tal a perfect lake for couples like you! Yes, because you can spend serene moments away from the crowd of tourist by the lakeside. You can pick a homestay near the lake to enjoy the views of its clear water and Mount Kanchenjunga from there.

  1. Yumthang Valley:

Famously known as “the valley of flowers”, Yumthang is a nature’s treasure which is situated in the northern region of Sikkim. This beautiful place is lesser explored because travelers usually don’t cover the northern region of Sikkim due to the distance. But this place is surely worth covering any distances!

The majestic snow-covered mountains, pristine streams, blooming meadows and amazing vistas make Yumthang Valley an ideal destination for a romantic getaway like the honeymoon. You can see lots of flowers like 24 species of rhododendrons, cobra lilies, primrose, etc. in this colourful valley.

  1. Bermiok:

Bermiok is a 4-5 hours’ drive away from the capital city of Gangtok. It is an offbeat heritage sight which is also blessed with natural beauty. The village of Bermiok is situated in the Western Sikkim, and you must go there to enjoy the surreal views of Kanchenjunga Peak.

The place also houses other attractions where you can enjoy each other’s company. These attractions are Sirijunga Waterfalls and Caves, Phagu Dnara, Samyo Mangheem, etc. All of these places are bestowed with natural charms and serenity; which can make your honeymoon special!

  1. Zero Point:

If both of you love snow and want to go to a thrilling high altitude place, then you must visit the Zero Point in Sikkim. Located at an altitude of 15,300 feet, this is the last outpost of the people! Due to such amazing heights, the place always remains covered with ice, and one can’t easily reach here.

But, the thrill that you will feel in this journey will be equally amazing as this destination. Plus, you won’t regret embarking on this difficult journey after reaching your – Zero Point.

You should know that only Indians can visit this area, and they also need special permits to visit Zero Point. You can easily obtain this permit from the Sub-Divisional Magistrate Office or Gangtok Tourism Office.

So, buy the Sikkim honeymoon tour package and visit these offbeat places to enjoy the first trip with your spouse to the fullest!



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