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In today’s life, we are surrounded by many on-demand apps and on-demand laundry apps are one among them. On-demand technology has turned the marketplace. The services are playing a vital role in mobile app development Dubai. The main focus is to fulfill customer needs and customers. Users can take advantage of the on-demand Services within the comfort of their homes.
Globally the on-demand laundry is set to increase by 4% during the period of 2019 to 2023. Customized mobile app development Dubai took a high leap in the past few years.

In this era of digitalization, through mobile app development Dubai, the mobile app trend is shifting the market place.

Features of on-demand laundry and dry cleaning apps:

Customer login
By logging in with social accounts or email account, customers can get all the Tangerpay Australia cashless laundry system services in one tap.

Scheduled pickup
With on-demand laundry and dry cleaning apps, customers can place their order by selecting the convenient pickup time and date.

Selecting laundry services
The customers can choose any laundry according to their needs such as washing, ironing, or dry cleaning.

Order tracking
With the help of GPS tracking, customers can track the status of the laundry and can go with their other plans. If there is any delay they can know about it with the help of this vital feature of tracking.

History tracking
Customers can keep a check on how many clothes have gone to the laundry. They can also view the past orders of their laundry with this feature.

Payment option
With the on-demand laundry and dry cleaning app, customers can make a convenient payment using their credit/debit card or net banking options.

Price list
customers can view the price charged for different kinds of clothes and dress materials. With this feature, the user can estimate the final price.

Rating and review
This feature lets the customers rate the laundry service on a five-star rating scale. The customers can also write a review on how their laundry service experience was.

Cost of on-demand laundry and dry cleaning apps

Talking about the cost of on-demand laundry and dry cleaning apps, to calculate the exact cost of developing the app depends on added attributes and the hours consumed. The laundry mobile app development Dubai cost depends on various aspects like features, platforms, technologies, and many others.
Time is taken to design apps is around 150 to 200 hours.
The development of hours can exceed up to 800 hours and can incline up to 750 hours.

Time spent on the development of the back-end can take up to 200 hours.
Time spent on the development of admin can take up to 60 hours.
After calculating the all over cost on an average laundry mobile app development Dubai can cost around $20,000-$25,000.

According to the changing market needs, business and various segments can be customized. To remain in top place, DXB apps can be the perfect choice for you. The laundry on-demand app provides a much wider scope by targeting the audiences.

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