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For a long time, offices and clinics, large and small, used countless papers and then spreadsheets to assist in the management and archiving of information.The transition from paper to spreadsheet was revolutionary, not only for clinics and offices, but for all managers at the time.Spreadsheet optimization has helped dentists have more time to care for more patients, freeing up more office capacity.We are going through a very similar process today, this time reducing the demands for spreadsheets and integrating them in one place , this place called software or system .The dental software is a computer program that is constantly updated, because the technological market is very fast.

The software is a robot that helps the manager / dentists of clinics and offices to optimize time, organization and profits. In addition, there are thousands of other uses.

Manage finance through dental software:

The financial management of a business is always one of the headaches of managers. For small clinics and offices, it is very difficult to reconcile patient care with financial management and organization, you who are a dentist and manager at the same time know that this routine is exhaustive.

A dental software, needs to have the complexities of finance as a department, that is, it needs to present the main needs of finance, such as:

Control of financial flow;

Accounts payable and receivable;

Commissioning to dentists;

Control of cards, checks and payment slips.

These functionalities are essential for an excellent financial organization.Thus, you have everything organized in one place, without several spreadsheets to be updated constantly.And from the financial reports you can define the cause of the problems, avoid future problems, reduce the default of the office. 

Manage the schedule through dental software:

Many secretaries and dentists are looking for dental systems and software to interact together and simultaneously, for this reason good software must have an easily accessible agenda, for example applications. We list below some of the almost mandatory characteristics for a super dental agenda:

The entire system needs to be ordered in an intuitive way for easy viewing;

Search filter by patient’s name; dentist; schedule type and schedule status;

If you are facing a busy week of appointments, patients who do not attend the appointment, difficulty fitting a patient into the schedule, you may be experiencing scheduling problems. We can help you with organizing your office’s agenda. In short, dental software can help you with these problems.

For example, in the communication functionality you can confirm the consultation or treatment of the patient by sending SMS or e-mail, which significantly reduces absences.

Or, follow the status of which appointments have been scheduled, rescheduled and among other updates that are notified to users using the software .Dental software is helpful for you in many ways.

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