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Chicken Quest Guide

If you are looking for a free-to-play quest in Old School Runescape, then lend Veronica a helping hand.

If you want to engage in a short quest in Old School Runescape, then Ernest the Chicken is what you are looking for. You want need to part with any OSRS gold for this, so don’t worry about going to buy OSRS gold from a site that has OSRS gold for sale. All we need for this quest is to be able to destroy a level 22 Skeleton. We will also need a spade, poison and some fish food, but we can get that during the quest itself. This is a free-to-play quest, but if you are a member, then you can make the most of having an Amulet of Glory, or a Draynor Manor Teleport.

Starting the Quest

Our first stop is Draynor Manor. Outside of the courtyard you will find Veronica, who want you to help find her fiancé, Ernest. He had left for the manor an hour ago to get directions and hasn’t returned since.

Go into the manor and head up the stairs. Go to the west and up the spiral staircase until you reach Professor Oddenstein. He will tell you that Ernest has in fact been transformed into a chicken during and experiment with a pouletmorph machine. To reverse this, the professor will need parts that have been stolen and hidden within the manor by poltergeists, no less.

The Missing OSRS Items

There are a few OSRS items that we need to find, which include a pressure gauge, a rubber tube, and also an oil can. It doesn’t matter what order you find them in, but let’s take a look at where we can find the pressure gauge first.

We are going to need fish food and poison the get the pressure gauge. You can find the food in a blue box on the first floor, and going to the main staircase and heading south. You can find the poison in the room to the south of the kitchen on the ground floor, inside a green bottle.

Combine the two OSRS items to make the poisoned fish food. Head to the room to the south-east, go to the door going outside and pick up the spade next to it. Head out of the manor through the room to the south-east, then go to the fountain to the south-west. Here, you can use the poisoned fish food to kill all of the piranhas in the fountain. Search it to get the pressure gauge, then move onto the next item.

To the west of here, you will find a compost heap. Search it using your spade to find a key. Head back inside the manor via the front door. Then, go through the door behind the stairs that has an aggressive skeleton inside. You will be attacked if you are a low level, but you could always grab the rubber tube and head back out.

Finally, we need the oil can, so go into the room to the west on the ground floor. Check out the bookcase to the west in here which will take you into a secret hidden room. Head down the ladder that takes you to the basement. You will see a bunch of doors and levels around you here.

Firstly, pull down levers A and B then go through door 1. Next, pull the D lever down and leave C, up. Go through doors 2 and 3 next, then pull up levers A an B. Go through doors 3, 4 and 5 after this, then go and pulldown levers E and F. The next step is to go through doors 6 and 7 and pulling the C lever down. Through doors 7 and 6 next to pull up the E lever, then going through doors 6, 8 and 3. Finally, through door number 9 you will find the oil can.

After you find it, go out of the basement and back out of the secret room. To do this, you need to pull the lever on the wall to the east. Once you are through, head back up to the top floor to talk with Professor Oddenstein. Hand him the OSRS items you found, and he will in turn repair his machine and return Ernest to his human form.


There’s 300 OSRS GP coins on offer for completing this quest. You will also be rewarded with four quest points for your troubles. If you are a member, then you will also gain access to the killerwatt plane as well.

Have you completed this OSRS Ernest the chicken quest? Let us know in the comments section below!

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