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Princess Peach A Protector of Mushroom Kingdom

Princess Peach is known as the leading female character in the series Super Mario which is under the Mario franchise. Princess Peach was known for representing the symbol of strength as well as was familiar to showing and acting like a true leader which started when she became ready to stand between the Bowser and the people of her kingdom and was also known for protecting and providing for her Mushroom Kingdom.

The Physical Description Of Princess Peach

The physical appearance of the movie character Super Mario who is known to be the leading female character who stands in between Bowser and the people of her Mushroom kingdom and takes several steps to protect the people of her kingdom is known to have blue eyes along with Golden-light hair that is long and having the sideburns that are found on the sides and the forehead it is noticed that she have a covering with the heart-shaped bang with hair. Her casual dressing sense is this a ponytail tied with a blue hair tie along with the usual jewelry, and a crown of gold is seen on the head of Princess Peach.

Description of Princess Peach Costume

The princess peach costume is mentioned to be a pink dress which is mainly of floor length and it is noticed on her sleeves there is a short puffy appearance and the collar is raised on the dress of the princess peach of dark pink color. Also as footwear, she used to wear red high heels and sometimes also used to wear dark pink high heels also blue high heels were noticed that she had stolen from her mother’s case.

The alternative costumes that were worn by Princess Peach depending on the situations that were present mainly include the two pairs of which one was an athletic minidress of pink color and the other that was noticed to be worm by her was a tank top of pink color and shorts and both the pairs were noticed to be worn with a white socks and pink color tennis shoes that were worn majorly by her. Her casual dressing sense was this a ponytail tied with a blue hair tie along with the usual jewelry.

The personality of Princess Peach

Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom is known to be a character who is very kind, polite, and noble person she is a friendly person known to be very generous and also has a caring nature. She is known to be a very sweet person and has gentle behavior but is also known to have an optimistic nature along with a determined person who can put up a good fight when it comes to protecting the people of her kingdom. It is also seen that Princess Peach has attained many experiences in her life but was not able to learn anything from the experiences and hence was lacking in learning from the experience.

The personality of Princess Peach

Also, it is seen in the series that Princess Peach and Mario are in a relationship and she seems to be very grateful for the bond they both share. Whenever Princess Peach is caught in any trouble, Mario is seen to rescue her from the trouble and also whenever she is rescued with his help, she kisses him and this is noticed as a reward for him. Apart from this, she was also a person who used to enjoy exploring new things and trying them out to learn.

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Relationships of Princess Peach

The family of Princess Peach mainly includes her father who was known as the king of Mushroom Kingdom her mother who was known as the queen of Mushroom Kingdom along her grandfather Toadsworth who has been very protective and cares a lot for her since her childhood when she was a baby.

Relationships of Princess Peach

As a rescuer and protector who is also known as her love interest, Mario is also mentioned as her friend along with Luigi who is known as her childhood friend and it is seen that both of them are very close to her. Also in the later series that was scripted, it is mentioned that Daisy was also mentioned who is known to be her best friend.

Bowser is the known enemy of Super Princess Peach who is interested in marrying Peach and also has done many actions to bring her in trouble even kidnapping her and demanding she marry him if she wants to save the life of Mario which she accepts to save his life.

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The Power and Abilities of the Princess Peach

According to the Super Mario Bros description, it was shown that Princess Peach had the power to undo the spell and also was able to attack her enemies with her power because of the playable appearance she had in the game series. She was able to ground pound and was also able to run like other characters were capable of doing. Along with these powers and abilities, she also used to have a unique power mainly included the pink hearts and fruit peaches, and was able to use the power-ups to increase her ability and power. The weapon that was used was Peach’s Parasol which was used for support and for attacking by using it to glide and shade herself with that weapon.

The Movies of Princess Peach

Princess Peach has appeared as a movie character in the movies The Super Mario Bros and Super Mario World and it is mentioned in the movie that she was approximately 23 years old when it was noticed that the fans asked how old is Princess Peach in the movies. In the first movie, it was noticed that she was between the ages of teens and twenties and was younger than the Mario brothers and was mentioned in the Princess Peach Mario movie.


The end it can be concluded that Princess Peach is the Queen of the Mushroom Kingdom, she is very sweet, gentle and used to care a lot for the people of her kingdom and was known to be bold enough to stand between the enemies that were Bowser and the people of her kingdom. She also had many friends of whom Mario and Luigi were her close friends and Daisy was her best friend.

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