Rampage movie news: Things to Know from the Set of Dwayne Johnson rampage Giant Monster Movie
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Rampage movie news: Things to Know from the Set of Dwayne Johnson rampage Giant Monster Movie

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Brace yourselves. On April 13th, monster movie Rampage hits theaters. The Dwayne Johnson-starring film from director Brad Peyton (San Andreas) is based on a classic video arcade game of the same name, and has gone unabashed big and refreshingly earnest with its monster movie premise.Rampage is yet another attempt by Hollywood to finally solve the supposed video game curse that has seen the likes of Warcraft, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Hitman, House Of The Dead, Doom, and Max Payne roundly chastised by critics instead of embraced. But while there’s no denying that the Dwayne Johnson-led Rampage is an adaptation of the 1986 arcade game that saw players taking control of gigantic monsters that reduced cities to rubble while trying to survive the constant attacks from military forces, the movie version does deviate from the source material quite a bit.

rampage movie story:Rampage is an upcoming American science fiction monster film directed by Brad Peyton, loosely based on Originally released in 1986, Rampage the game had players controlling one of three humans-turned-giant-epic-monsters following some unfortunate lab accidents. From there, as George the gorilla, Ralph the wolf, or Lizzie the lizard, the player destroys cities around the world while attacking or avoiding cops and soldiers. It’s a pretty vague premise around which to revolve a film, which is why the movie only uses it as a jumping off point for diving into the monster movie genre.In Rampage the movie, Johnson stars as primatologist Davis Okoye, whose best friend is George, an albino gorilla. When a mysterious genetic experiment mutates George and two other animals, a wolf and a crocodile, North America is under imminent threat. Davis teams up with discredited genetic engineer Dr. Kate Caldwell (played by Moonlight’s Naomie Harris) to secure an antidote, keep North America safe, and help George. Collider was part of a group of reporters who visited the Atlanta set of Rampage back in June. We talked to Johnson, Harris, Peyton, and producers John Rickard and Hiram Garcia.

rampage movie cast and screw:Dwayne Johnson as Davis Okoye, a primatologist and head of an anti-poaching unit out of Rwanda.
Naomie Harris as Dr. Kate Caldwell, a discredited genetic engineer who teams up with Okoye.
Malin Åkerman as Claire Wyden, the woman responsible for the infection and mutation of George, Ralph, and Lizzie with the mutagenic serum for Project: Rampage.
Joe Manganiello as Burke, the leader of a private military group
Jake Lacy  as Claire’s dimwit brother
Marley Shelton  as a scientist and astronaut
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Agent Russell,a government agent who works for an agency called OGA.
Jason Liles as George, an albino silverback gorilla and one of the animals affected by a strange chemical that mutates them.
P. J. Byrne  as a scientist
Jack Quaid
Matt Gerald as Zammit
Demetrius Grosse
Will Yun Lee as Agent Park
Breanne Hill as Amy
Urijah Faber as a possible henchman of Claire Wyden

rampage movie director:Rampage’s director Brad Peyton, who has previously directed Dwayne Johnson in the likes of Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and San Andreas Peyton said that he wants to be remembered as a filmmaker who centered his action in emotion, something he strove to do with San Andreas and Rampage. “The relationship between George and Davis was, to me, the anchor of everything in the movie, and therefore gives you heart and purpose and drive and makes you relate you everyone so it’s not just big destruction for destruction’s sake, which is always what I’m trying not to do.” Peyton never considered having the monsters start as humans, as they are in the video game. “Let’s just say I said no to ‘Rock-zilla.’ It was presented in a room much like this and I was like, ‘That’s a hard pass from me.’”

Peyton said he and Johnson work so well together because they are at opposite ends of the introvert-extrovert spectrum, but meet somewhere in the middle. “We talk very clearly: I talk very clearly to him, and he talks very clearly to me,” said Peyton. “For all of my introverted, nerdy shyness, he is willing to go the opposite direction … We balance each other out, and the reason why I think that works so well is because we just say what our goal is, and we have the same unified goal, which is: how can we make this the best thing possible?” Peyton called Johnson “so brave,” adding: “There’s nothing that ever holds him back. He never looks at the monitors. He always says, ‘What do you need? How do we do it? What do you want? Let’s do it.’ But that’s been earned, you know.”

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rampage movie release date:

11 April 2018

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