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There was this page on Instagram who posted a video of three to four young people, the tomorrow of our world, burning masks, calling its compulsion a government conspiracy. My natural response to it was, ‘Conspiracy or not; I would put on a mask. If precaution is all I can do to keep myself alive, then why not?”

That’s how humans are! We do all that we can to keep ourselves, and everything that’s ours alive. Especially our businesses! We adapt, evolve, and live!

Just how masks and sanitizers have become the means to extend our existence, do you know what rescued businesses?

SHOPIFY ecommerce!

Irrespective of the niche, businesses have evolved and accepted the ‘virtual’ mode of selling wholeheartedly in times of necessity. 

“Then that’s e-commerce saving them, how does the credit go to Shopify?” you might ask!

The credit goes to them because it seems the merchants have trusted Shopify as their e-commerce partner more than anybody else. And that’s not what I’m saying out of thin air!

That’s their sales speaking!

Shopify reported their first-quarter revenue for 2020 in May. Their report showed a 47% surge in sales from last year’s same quarter sales. Yes, forty-seven percent!

As soon as they reported their revenue boom, the ecommerce company’s shares saw a record rise of 6.8% to become the most significant public company of Canada. 

The Chief Technology Officer of Shopify, Jean-Michel Lemieux, said that Shopify saw Black Friday kind of traffic as thousands of businesses moved to their platform. 

“Retail merchants are adapting quickly to social-distance selling, as 26% of our brick-and-mortar merchants in our English-speaking geographies are now using some form of local in-store/curbside pickup and delivery solution, compared to 2% at the end of February,” Shopify said.

This proves the impact of covid 19 on ecommerce has been positive, and Shopify has been gaining the most at the receiving end.

But why is it Shopify that has become a reliable partner for retail merchants during the pandemic when there are giants like Amazon in the market?

Let’s dive into that!

Firstly, How is Shopify Different from Amazon?

Although both the platforms offer ecommerce retail, they are different from the core of their services. While Amazon is a marketplace with millions of sellers trying to catch the buyer’s eyes, Shopify is a subscription-based ecommerce platform that helps you set up your online retail store.

That’s the fundamental difference between the ecommerce of Shopify and Amazon. 

Going with Shopify has allowed the retail merchants to set up their shop, handle their own branding, and give direct accessibility of their products to the users without having to scroll through the thousand similar products, unlike Amazon.

Retail store owners, who were reluctant to go digital because they didn’t want anybody else’s control over their selling strategies or profit, had to choose an ecommerce platform during the pandemic to survive. 

And if you choose Shopify, you get to manage your own stand-alone store online just like a physical store, which may have been the winning factor for Shopify ecommerce.

Why Shopify is the Best Ecommerce Partner for your Business 

  1. You can sell anything and everything on Shopify

If you think that Shopify is only for physical products, then let me tell you this, there’s nothing that you can’t sell on Shopify. 

From just one product to tens of them, from rentals and consultations to online classes, from memberships to ticketed experiences, you could sell anything by setting up your store with Shopify.

This is one of the major reasons why Shopify has become the go-to ecommerce tool for small businesses.

  1. You don’t need to deal with any of the technical aspects. 

If you are reluctant to take your business online because you don’t understand how to design a digital store, then don’t worry! 

It is quick and easy to set up a store using Shopify, and you don’t even need to be a technical wizard. All you need to do is to register with them.

Post that, all that remains is to customize your store with the images of your products, product descriptions, and store name. Of course, the more you customize, the better. 

You don’t need to get payment gateways on board; you don’t need to make your store mobile-friendly separately; you don’t need to secure your store; all you need to do is sell!

The retailers and merchants from remote corners of the world have had to go online during the pandemic, and Shopify has been one of the first choices for them because it is user-friendly.

Moreover, there are always Shopify experts like us to rely on for setting up your store.

  1. Shopify takes care of primary SEO requirements.

Setting up a store and driving a new customer to your store are two different things. And yet, Shopify helps you with optimizing your online store so that it is visible to your prospects looking for products/services that fall under your category.

Shopify allows you to build amazing landing pages, write custom title tags and meta tags. These features set Shopify apart from the other ecommerce platforms. 

With more businesses going online during COVID, it has become necessary to up your SEO game. With Shopify’s SEO-friendly structure, attracting new customers would become a tad bit easier.

  1. Shopify helps you convert better.

Abandoned carts are the nightmare of ecommerce, and businesses have to be all-time ready with strategies to push the buyer into emptying that cart.

One of the common strategies is to email users with friendly reminders who have not completed their buying journey.

Generally, this takes an email marketing tool, but with Shopify, you get that feature in one of your subscription plans. 

Shopify increases the conversion rate by emailing the users to alert them of the abandoned cart. Convenient, right?

If you’re to start an online store, Shopify ecommerce is the way to go! It is easy to set up your online store with Shopify, but it is also easy to grow with it. And god forbid, if you need to stop running it, with a simple cancellation of the subscription, you’re done.

There are Shopify developers online that have helped businesses set up their Shopify stores & have helped them with SEO, sales, and marketing. We would be happy to do the same for you! 

When you hire Shopify developer online, you acquire access to experts who can adapt to Shopify development trends and administrate industry’s best practices with firm commitment to quality.

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