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Among the many data recovery software that is globally known to be efficient and ideal, Dr. Fone remains the best software that has won many hearts far and wide. In this global technological advancement era, this software remains better to none having been active for the vast 8 and more years in the field while enjoying a huge and enormous experience spanning fifteen years and above with phones.

Endowed with sophisticated technological advancements, this software is a notch higher in recovering the lost data in iPhones.This lost data can range from messages, pictures, and other more. Unlike in the recent past when data lost was not retrieved nor recovered, the Dr. Fone data recovery software makes it possible and assures users for the recovery of the data.

Data can be lost from the iPhone devices in numerous ways that may worry the user of the device. While working with the device some data can be lost through the underiberately erasing of data, devices being corrupted, destruction of devices and not being a position to remember the device passwords.

This free iphone data recovery software is designed in such a way that is easily conformable to any iPhone devices notwithstanding the model. The advanced tools that are designed are responsible for recovering and retrieving the lost data easily without any difficulties. The software boasts of its flexibility of easy compatibility with any operating systems of the iPhone devices.

Ways through which Dr.Fone software recovers data.

This software comes in handy to the users who may have lost data in various ways by giving them great assurance. All data that may be lost does not fully get erased but they are within the system of the device. With Dr.Fone software, the recovery of data is an easy thing that is achieved by following simple steps. 

Retrieval Mode

In any case, the user loses some data while working using the iPhone device then it is simple to recover that data. The Dr.Fone software works with three modes that make the retrieval process easy. It recovers data that is lost from the iCloud or other backups. 

Retrieval from iPad.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer and recover the deleted/lost data from the device without backup.

Retrieval from the backup file.

Scan and extract the content of the iTunes backup. Export or restore them selectively.

Retrieval of lost data from iCloud.

Download and extract data from iCloud backup. Restore selected iCloud content to the device.

The three easiest ways of recovering all lost data.

Whereas some software for data retrieval allows users to retrieve some part of the whole lost data. The Fone software helps the user to recover the whole data that was lost while working. It has made the whole process of working very amazing and fascinating. Nothing becomes so mindboggling to users like losing data in any way while working, it feels tragic and exhausting. The Dr.Fone makes it interesting as it allows users to recover iphone data after restore

The first stage

Switch on the Dr.Fone software and allow it to link with the iPhone.

The second stage.

Highlight all the files that you may wish to recover the data and begin the scanning process of the iPhone.

The third stage.

Forelook all the data that was lost and retrieve it.

Features of Dr.Fone software.

High recovery rate: This software has a high ability to recover the lost data from the devices and even the memory cards. With the help of the drfonetoolkit, the retrieval of all the lost files is easy. The software is designed in such a way that it conforms to many iPhone devices regardless of the type of operating system. 

Flexibility: Users can exchange data from android to iPhone and other computer devices without any difficulties. Numerous files including pictures, videos, messages, and music. In these ways, users need not be worried about iTunes and iCloud.

Functional: This software helps to identify and solve various problems within the operating systems. This helps in improving functionality. 

Allows users to delete useless files: The software can allow the users to erase some files permanently if they are less meaningful or select some few files to be deleted while leaving others.

High restoration ability: The software boasts of its high restoration capacity and even the huge backup of files in case they are accidentally lost. Videos, messages, and other files can be restored and backed up in the device with the help of this software.

 Compatible with mobile apps .Dr. Fone software is compatible with several apps such as WhatsApp that are most common in the social media fora. All data that can be lost in these applications can be retrieved easily. 

Easy to use: The software makes the usage of the devices very easy and simple. The challenges that can be posed by difficult and challenging passwords are solved by the software. 

Easy data extraction: This software helps users to extract data easily from mobile devices without any problem.  


  • This software exhibits a high retrieval rate of data. 
  • Easily conformable to any devices that may be new to the market.
  • It offers some free customer privileges that are meant to improve the brand of the product.
  • The software is easy to use.
  • Allows users to Forelook the files before retrieving them.
  • Allows the users to retrieve and recover all data that was lost. 
  • No interruptions between the new and the recovered data especially when using this software.
  • All data can be controlled by the user and allowing him or her to delete that which is not useful and recover the best files.
  • Various data that is stored in diverse locations can be stored in the device for future use and reference only when using this software.
  • Dr. Fone allows users to identify various files in the device even those that are difficult to locate.
  • Compatible with many mobile apps regardless of the operating system. 
  • User privacy and security are guaranteed.
  • Customer care services are readily available throughout. 


  • Sometimes not all data can be retrieved. Some may be permanently deleted.
  • Some retrieved files can lose their clarity and quality. 


Dr.Fone remains one of the best and efficient software that can be used to recover all types of lost data on the iPhone without experiencing any challenges. The sophisticated tools that are made of plus its compatibility with other devices make it amazing. 

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