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In everyone’s DVD Collection you will definitely find adventure movies. With these adventure movies people get immersed by the tale of epic proportions. Whether the movie is guided by romance and love or simply it is the thrill of adventure and action, Hollywood Adventure Movies tend to make big bucks offs of the movies which would keep the viewers on the edges of their seats. Hollywood Adventure Movies won’t go out of fashion and it would keep the audiences excited with the integration of new graphics and background sound which give real life experience. Whether you a adrenaline obsessed movie goer or thrill seeker, this top 10 Hollywood Adventure Movies 2019 would thrill and excite you indeed.

The Aeronauts

This is the upcoming Hollywood Adventure Movie which is set to be released on 6th December 2019 and the movie is about a flying balloon which is controlled by Amelia Wren along with her scientist friends James Glaisher. They both embarked on a journey in 1862 to discover some of the secrets of heavens.

Jumanji : The Next Level

The gang is again back but with a new twist and it is set to be released on 13th December 2019. The gang is back to Jumanji with the aim to rescue one of their members. In the event they discover nothing is as expected.

The members need to be brave and fighting, while exploring snowy mountains to arid deserts to escape the world’s most dangerous games. Check for its advanced tickets and book it with Bookmyshow Promo Code to save money and enjoy it to the fullest.

Spies in Disguise

It is the movie about a super spy called Lance Sterling and his scientist friend Walter Beckett and both are exact opposite. The movie will be released on 25th of December 2019 and you can book its ticket in advance.

The movie is about an adventure and they both have to discovery things to solve a mystery.


This is another Hollywood Adventure Movie which is worth watching and the movie is set to be released on 8th of November 2019. The storyline of the movie is about an adventure where you will see how a desperate postal worker goes out in an adventure to inadvertently invent Santa Claus.

The movie is full of thrill and adventure and kids would love watching it.

Lady and the Tramp

This is most awaited Hollywood Adventure Movie which is about a lady who is perfectly pampered and the street smart Tramp. They both embark on a thrilling adventure along with some of the unforgettable cast of characters. The movie is set to be released on 12th November 2019 and the tickets can be booked online with discount coupons and promo codes available at

The Mandalorian

Another great adventure movie to be released on 12th November 2019 is The Mandalorian which is epic adventure movie that is set after the fall of an Empire and before the launch of First Order.

Disney follows the travails of the alone gun fighter in outer space of galaxy which is far away from authority of the New Republic.

Charlie’s Angels

Another installation of Charlie’s Angels is all set to be released on 15th November 2019. The plot is about three ladies working for mysterious Charles Townsend who operate an investigation and security agency.

With the most highly trained, bravest and smartest women, the new team will be guided by the multiple Bosleys and they need to take multiple toughest jobs.

Gemini Man

Elite assassin Henry Brogan is targeted by mysterious young operative who can easily predict every move of the assassin. It is filled with adventure and thrill. The movie is worth watching which will be released on 11th October 2019.

Ad Astra

Astronaut Roy travels around outer edge of solar system to find his missing father. He travels to a mystery place that threatened the survival of the planet. The movie will release on 20th September 2019 and the tickets can be booked online with discounts.


A teenager Yi faces a young Yeti on the roof of apartment in Shanghai and the movie revolves around protecting it from outer world. Check the movie on theatre on 27th Sept 2019.

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