Six Best and Easy Online Payment Gateways for E-commerce

Converting digital was difficult in the past, but it was because there was a scarcity in the number of eCommerce payment gateways providers. But thankfully, nowadays setting up online payment methods for products and services is no longer a challenge for eCommerce businesses.

These are the six best online payment gateways.

Manual Payment Gateway – Manual payment gateway is the most inexpensive for the gateway, but it requires you to manually and personally process each and every payment. In this process, it securely takes the customer credit card details and stores them for you to access manually through a facility such as an Eftpos machine. To access the account here, you will need a merchant account with your bank and also permission from the bank to process the transaction without a signature. You have to ask your bank to provide your facility such as Eftpos or an online processing system so that you can utilize an eCommerce manual payment Gateway.

Google Pay- Google may use the second eCommerce gateway we will discuss today. Consumers are slowly but undoubtedly starting to get more familiar with Google pay. It is made for eCommerce shops, in-person checkouts, online payments, mobile app. It is surely very easy to integrate into your eCommerce platform. You can use active Google pay which is very easy to access, you just have to register your bank number, and after that, you have to add your bank, and it will be ready to go. It is very feasible for interpersonal transactions, and every it is nowadays used in every small to big shop payment method to get digitals.

PayPal- It is used for both MasterCard and Credit card payment methods. This e-commerce payment processor is free for buyers; it does not require any setup expenses, gateway fees, or monthly charges. It is an ideal payment method for low-volume merchants. When customers use PayPal Standard, they may leave the site to check out and sign in to their PayPal account, or they can even pay via credit card or Visa without signing up. So basically, PayPal is all in one payment system which accepts credit cards via fax, mail, or phone

Real-Time Payment Gateway- While developing your eCommerce website, it is very important to choose the best and the most suitable gateway for your business. The real-time payment gate is the most professional and efficient gateway solution for any professional business. The payments in real-time payment gateways are processed at the point of the sale on your website, and you tend to receive funds within a couple of days. It is most suitable for sites experiencing a high volume of sake or for those people who cannot access the facility needed for a manual payment gateway. The best thing about real-time gateway is that you can access its solutions from many banks and even from third party companies such as Eway or Worldpay.

Amazon Payments- Amazon payments are an eCommerce payment gateway that provides secure and simplified payment services for all the customers. It offers no additional charges, which makes the transactions 100% secure. It is very easy to customize amazon payments into the existing look and feel of your site. So you can modify it in your way and make it look good inside your website.

Firstly, you have to select and integrate the best, and the right payment gateway provider for your business, and it isn’t that tough or cost-restrictive if you understand your business. In case there is no business transaction, in your normal transactions; also all you need is to consider the above- discussed factors before choosing and implementing the right payment gateway provider.

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