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The pursuit and cultivation of new ideas is the fundamental concept of research. And progress in any field is solely dependent on the progress it manages to achieve. In the case of AI, the field is completely based on innovative approaches and new explorations by enthusiasts. Pursuing project ideas during the early career not only helps in honing the skills but also in the generation of interest. With the right stimulus, enthusiasts can indeed get into the subject and start the process of innovation. This article will concentrate on a few AI project ideas, easy yet challenging for a beginner. While pursuing these projects a beginner can learn and taste the happiness of creation. Which in turn is essential for steady growth in career. Fortunately the ideas we will be discussing, can be developed independently without much funding technological needs.


1. Traffic and logistics projects 

Detection of lane lines by automated cars. 

Traffic lane lines can be of many types, broken lines, uninterrupted lines, coloured lines etc. in the case of automated cars an AI system manages the drive according to the lane lines. Developing an AI, able to understand the lines and control the drive is easy and does not require a lot of data for training. 


Best route identification

The best route identification system is key in the case of maps and traffic applications. Many transport services like cab s delivery services depend extensively on this feature. This best route identification is extremely essential and can make a real financial difference for the organization at the helm. The process is easy and requires real-time data. A very little training and processing can lead to the inception of such a system thus a useful practice proportion for the freshers and students. 


2. Entertainment projects 


Spoiler prevention

Spoilers are real menaces when it comes to entertainment. And specifically, movie lovers suffer from it more than anyone else. Browser extensions, able to identify even the slightest mentions of the movie can be developed without much hassle and spoilers can be prevented from appearing. A spoiler can spoil the fun and directly impact the revenues of production companies. Indirectly these spoilers can affect the growth of art and creativity. Thus, these AI spoiler prevention systems are encouraged by many parties. 


Game of chess

Among many Ai project ideas for freshers, developing a chess player AI is perhaps the most challenging. Training these entities takes a lot of data and time. Thus developing such an AI is undoubtedly something to be proud of. And a fresher with such experience under their belt can land a great job in minutes notice. 


T-rex Dino bot

T-rex dino game is a google chrome game that we can play while the internet is not available. Reinforcement learning can be implemented for developing an AI master of this game. This AI is expected and can be programmed to learn by mistakes in a semi-supervised manner. Easy to develop, this program does not require a lot of external data. 


3. Institutional projects 


Automated attendance systems

In an institution, where the number of employees is stupendous. It is not always possible to keep track of the attendance manually. In many cases, this attendance can affect bonuses, career growth and salaries directly. Thus developing a system, able to automate this entire process is a great feat and can add significantly to one’s resume while looking for employment. 


Automated product suggestion system

This AI system can require a lot of data for training. Thankfully, there are a lot of ways in which the data can be obtained ethically. The financial data, past purchasing history and buying habits can be taken into account while figuring out the needs and purchasing power of an entire population. Thus relevant products can be suggested to people who might need them and are willing to make investments for the same. 



Undertaking an AI project independently is a great idea when it comes to gaining hand’s training without committing to an internship. Successful implementation of such a project can be considered equivalent to a reputed internship as well. For achieving such a miracle, a student does not need to relocate or change any lifestyle aspects whatsoever. But these very strategic investments can prove to be life-transforming. As employers always value the enthusiasts, who can independently take on great projects and launch them with ease. It is recommended for every AI enthusiast out there, to take up and cultivate AI project Ideas for great first employment.

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